What It’s Like to Have Clown Sex?

What It’s Like to Have Clown Sex?

Pleasure advocate Sunny Megatron talks about her new Showtime series, Sex With Sunny Megatron, and what it’s like to get kinky in a clown costume.

What It's Like to Have Clown Sex?

Prolific sex blogger, sex educator, and self-proclaimed ‘pleasure advocate’ Sunny Megatron has been known within the online kink community for years. Now she’s taking her sex-positive message to an even wider audience. Her new Showtime show SEX with Sunny Megatron, produced with her husband and co-educator Ken Melvoin-Berg and premiering tonight at 11, promises to take viewers into “the surprising, underground world of adult play” and to shine a (non-judgmental) light on all manner of quirky kinks, fantasies, and fetishes, from polyamory and BDSM to dollification and clown sex parties.


Cosmopolitan.com spoke with the ebullient, straight-talking Megatron about her goals for the show and what exactly is involved in clown sex (yes, balloon animals are a feature).

 'Sex with Sunny Megatron' Trailer

When did you realize you were into kinky things?
For me it was late: I had always secretly fantasized about things that weren’t so vanilla, but I had never acted on them, and I was in traditional vanilla relationships and the couple times I brought up something kinky, the reaction I got from my partner was like, Oh, that’s gross. So I swept it under the rug. And in my mid-thirties I found myself single and having lingering thoughts. So that’s when I went out and was like, It’s now or never. I’m going to investigate these things.

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