Master of O, a novel by Ernest Greene

May 6, 2014
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The Master of O
TRPWL will be speaking with the author about his new novel in the near future, but for now here’s a preview —
“For me, reading Master of O evoked old feelings and also stirred new ones. The story has the quality of lived experience, elegantly yet explicitly capturing the way a certain elite likes to play. Modern erotica seems to have recently piqued interest of the mainstream, but Master of O keeps its promises!”– Dita Von Teese, author of Your Beauty Mark


Sexy, decadent, powerful and fun – exactly what you want in a date and in a book!” – Margaret Cho – Author of I’m the One I Want

“Master of O has teeth. Just be careful where it bites … If Anne Desclos, Dashiell Hammett, and Henry Miller had a threeway, this would be the product.” – Zac Unterman, Producer of Ted

“Ernest Greene’s “The Master of O” is more than a welcome snapshot of a side of the sexual spectrum we never see; it’s a dense, poignant, and often hilarious document of a dark world full of collars, snaps, cinches, creases, ornamentation, red marks, and things that need to be just so. It is also brutally erotic. The California Stephen Diamond, Esq. and the intriguing O inhabit is our California, just 50 shades sexier.” – Author of A Porn Valley Odyssey: Making “The Facts of Life XXX

“A master work from a true Master.  Relentlessly authentic and red hot in its eros.” – Howie Gordon . . . aka Richard Pacheco, Author of Hindsight

“An opulent, lushly detailed re-imagining of The Story of O set in a chic, contemporary world where secret sexual fantasies and forbidden sensual pleasures draw a beautiful woman to surrender herself completely to one man’s erotic mastery.” – Dr. Gloria Brame, author of Different Loving

“In Master of O, Ernest Greene expertly manages a deft balancing act of sacred and profane. If you are looking for a wickedly debauched romp, you will not be disappointed. But look out- it is the truly thoughtful and profound narrative of transformation that will sneak up from behind and hold you captive!” – Jillian Lauren, NY Times bestselling author of Some Girls: My Life in a Harem

“My wife left this book “lying around.” Now she is in big trouble. Ernest Greene rocks. Hard.” – Scott Shriner, bassist for the band Weezer

“This is The Story of O for the new millennium. Brash, crass, terribly hip and framed in decadence and a fierce, in-your-face passion for fetish. An epic saga of desire so powerful it consumes the hearts and minds so elegantly hidden beneath designer names, fantastic settings and couture kink.” – Laura Antoniou, author, The Marketplace

“Ernest Greene was put on earth to write Master of O. Reading this erotic noir is like rediscovering Mickey Spillane and the entire oeuvre of Grove Press in one sitting. Greene insightfully captures the psychic mysteries of S&M longing in this super-hip and trenchant thriller. His characters are superbly drawn and achingly sexual. Master of O is an astonishing novel. Why haven’t we heard of Greene before this? He is a master storyteller.” – Mel Gordon, author of Voluptuous Panic: The Erotic World of Weimar Berlin

“Ira Levine’s long, loving riff on the most significant sexy book of all time is the real deal—gripping and pervy, knowing and witty, sexy and moving. If The Story of O played out today, here’s what the other side of that classic tale would look like: brainy and literate, scarily observant of the details of the kinky LA good life, where exotic furs are faux, whips are Jay Marston, flight attendants wear translucent blue latex, and the power-trappings of masculine dress finally get the fetish stylist they deserve. Read it for the dead smart vocabulary and cryptic Jethro Tull reference, or read it for the hot, hot characters and the searing sex—but read it!” — Carol Queen, PhD, Author of The Leather Daddy & the Femme, Co-founder, The Center for Sex & Culture

“Ernest Greene’s Master of O masters the reality of life in a dominant/submissive relationship.  Written from the inside of the BDSM culture, Master of O is infused with hot sex, laced with pleasure and desire, sadism and masochism and sprinkled liberally with some fictional mystery dust.  The delicious result takes the reader into the minds of both dominants and submissives in a way only someone with intimate knowledge of the real world of BDSM can accomplish.  Other books are fiction with a dose of fictional BDSM.  This is the real thing with a small smattering of fiction.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who isn’t satisfied with fifty shades of anything and wants to get the full 100%!” – Ricci Joy Levy, Executive Director The Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance

In Ernest Greene’s incendiary update of the great erotic classic Steven Diamond is an ace L.A. criminal lawyer with a roster of A-list clients affording him a life of lavish indulgence. A polished dominant with skills to match his appetites, he’s the silent partner in a highly exclusive club for connoisseurs of feminine submission. Exquisitely beautiful, rigorously trained sex slaves from all over the world await the opportunity to serve him. He seems to want for nothing.His orderly world is turned upside down, however, when his younger half-brother Ray, publisher of a slick kink-sex magazine, gifts him with the irresistible and enigmatic O. She’s an accomplished photographer, sophisticated fetishist and passionate seeker of a master worthy of her total surrender.
Captivated, Steven is determined to possess her totally at whatever cost, little knowing how dear that cost might be.< Set against the grit and glamour of modern Los Angeles, these three people and the colorful characters in their orbits act out a dramatic tale of erotic power at once familiar and exotic.
I welcome you to their distinctly modern world with all its dark delights, shocking revelations and hidden challenges as seen for the first time from a dominant man’s perspective.

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Ernest Greene
Ernest Greene
10 years ago

I look forward to that interview. I had a great time writing this book (as I trust others will have a great time reading it) and I’m happy to talk about it.

As you can see from the blurbs, there’s definitely much that can be said. And to be shamelessly self-promoting, if you want to read it you can buy it at in e-book form. I promise you’ll find it highly pornographic.

And thanks to all the nice folks who lent their names to endorsing it. It takes nerve to associate yourself with me in public.

Deep Throat
Deep Throat
10 years ago

I look forward to it too, my friend.


[…] the book has earned raves comes as no surprise t us.  On behalf of TRPWL, I give Master of O our highest rating — […] - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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