Meet Fake Florida Attorney Jeff Harris

Jan 25, 2021
Adult Business
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This is Jeffrey William Harris, better known as Jeff Harris.  jeff harris

Jeff lives in the Tampa area and tells people he’s an attorney. He’s made these claims for years to sex workers, especially to women working at strip clubs in and around Florida’s Gulf Coast. Jeff is not an attorney. He’s never been a member of the Florida Bar. But Jeff has had no trouble scamming women, soliciting, and taking their money to do legal work. Sometimes the money gets returned when it’s discovered he’s a fake, and sometimes it doesn’t.

In some places, Jeff claims to work as a paralegal. A series of calls to the various firms he has claimed to work for reveals nobody has heard of him. Jeff also has quite the extensive criminal record, over 66 run ins with law enforcement, which puts him up there with the likes of Scotty from Plush, Kevin Casali, and Ted Bundy. Some are minor traffic infractions, but there’s a number of DUI and fraud charges, including writing bad checks, selling stolen property, forgery, and more really great stuff. If Jeff had ever been an attorney, he wouldn’t have his license anymore.

One of his mugshots:

jeff harris

So the moral of the story is, if Jeff Harris offers you legal services in any way shape or form, just say no.

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