Metro Talents John Forbush Implicated In Extortion Scam, Lies To Cops

Jan 5, 2016
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It’s hard being Shawn, when I’m not being threatened by morphine addicted UNLV students, West Coast Kev is pulling my Vegas parking privileges. Yesterday, I get this text:



Consider the source

I suspect Mike’s main source on this is John Forbush, who is part owner of Metro Talent. Below is an excerpt from one of the many stories available by searching the name JOHN FORBUSH


No one’s ever happy with getting a traffic ticket, let alone having their car towed away.

But a 21-year-old Burbank man allegedly took his anger to another level when he tried to have someone kill the officer who wrote him a ticket and impounded his car.

John Stephen Forbush pleaded not guilty and has spent the last month behind bars after police were tipped off to the murder scheme, according to police.”We’re not going to tolerate anybody reacting to police action in that way,” said Sgt. Mitzi Grasso of the Los Angeles Police Department. “We’re actively moving forward with the investigation.”

The District Attorney’s office remained tight-lipped about details of the pending case. But police officials said in August, Forbush allegedly provided a hit man with the officer’s name, serial number and description, and said he wanted him shot in the head and buried in the desert.

He allegedly offered to pay $200. But the alleged hit man was later arrested for driving under the influence, so Forbush tried to hire someone else. That person alerted investigators from LAPD’s Robbery Homicide Division instead, police said.


I had debated writing the most epic post in the history of posts, one so poetic that John Singleton would turn it into a movie starring random rappers and Adele. But, like Richard Dreyfus in ‘Stand By Me’, by the way im talking out loud just like in the movie ‘Stand By Me’, I decided to summarize using tiny dots.

Tiny Dot 1– 10 days ago, John tried to extort money from the boyfriend of an agency owner. There are texts, as well as a recording to back this up. John alleged a database hack with threats of leaking the information to the public. Since there was NO HACK, no information was ever released..

Tiny Dot 2– John, using a series of Google Voice numbers including Metro Talent’s business number, as well as free one click websites, tried to convince the boyfriend as well as award winning super writer Shawn Thompson that this conspiracy involved many people. It did not…

Tiny Dot 3– Once John realized his scam wasn’t working, he upped the ante, using information from Google, he tried to make the agency owner think he had access to their private records. He did not.

Tiny Dot 4– Once we turned the tables on John’s extortion plan, and having no other way of getting money, he decided to go to the agency owners house.

Tiny Dot 5– Sunday morning around 8am, while on the phone with the agency owners boyfriend, John called me. After I  hung up I texted John on one of the Google Voice numbers he’s been using. He asked me to call and he told me the following:

Tiny Dot 6– Johns says he went to the agency owners house, once there someone came out, John tried to shake his hand and it was slapped away, then a gun was pulled out and aimed at John’s head, the gun clicked (missfire) and John sped off, then the BF empties the gun into the back of the car. The cops come, find casings, drugs, and the BF tests positive for gun powder residue. Then John Forbush tells me that the agency owners BF is currently in jail for Attempted Murder. He then tells me I need to write that story. “I’m like what story?” and he says the story about an agency owner trying to kill him.

Tiny Dot 7– I tell John I don’t believe him, I told him that the person he was referring to wasn’t in jail and I had just got off the phone with him. He told me that was “impossible.”  I said if I was going to write that story, it would start off with John Forbush, owner Of Metro Talent tried to extort money from another agency, when it failed, John showed up at XXXXX’s house uninvited. Then out of blue, John tells me, “I know you gave XXXXX my Dad’s address so he could kill him” I’m like what did you just say? He repeated it then hung up. LOL

Tiny Dot 8– There was no attempt on Johns dads life, no police report no nothing..As for the evidence against the agency owners BF, using smaller tiny dots I will explain

Smaller Dot 1– No gun, John told Mike it was a semi automatic hand gun, shell casings would of have been in the street.  The cops were given permission to search the house. Nothing. No drugs, no gun, and no gun powder on the alleged shooters hand. The evidence they do have is a bullet hole in John’s car, and John’s story.

Smaller Dot 2–  I have several cars, one is a 1968 International Scout. Once, while trying to shoot a rabbit thru the rolled down rear window, I was looking through my scope and pulled the trigger. The scope didn’t account for the top of back door and I shot thru the door, missing the rabbit and forcing myself to utter cuss words.  Sean why were you shooting a rabbit?  Long story. Anyway, cars with bullet holes aren’t as uncommon as you would think.


Smaller Dot 3– So, XXXXX walks out, sees John, goes to Johns car, slaps his hand out of the way, then points a gun at Johns head, the gun miss-fires, John peels out, gun miraculously starts working again and XXXXX fires multiple rounds into the back of it, not breaking the window and not hitting john.  Then in the dark, XXXXX takes the time to locate all the casings, pick them up, get rid of them, run in the house, wash his hands, all before the cops come running as they do when multiple shots are fired.  Cops using trained dogs cant locate any gun, not in the house, grounds, or cars. Hmmmmm.

Even Smaller Dot 1– Is it possible that John Forbush went to the house with a bullet hole already in the car? Is it possible that John went there to provoke XXXXX into doing something so he could later use it in another effort to extort money from the agency owner? I have to ask, why did John even show up at the agency owners house uninvited?

Link To Johns Murder For Hire


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Rollo Tomassi
Rollo Tomassi
8 years ago

It certainly took a long stretch of time to clear a misfire from an automatic..or find the safety.

Crotch fever
Crotch fever
8 years ago

Know John from Burbank when he worked at Ralph’s as a grocery bagger. John is on Speed and meth last few years now. He told us he was a male porn star and speed enhanced his performance. we smoked weed back in the day until the cop killer thing and then the credit card fraud arrest. Yeah we went away but he does porn now.
John also is on Back page for new girls. He was doing good or so he says until we found out he lives in a Trailer RV.

8 years ago

Shawn Thompkins you are a fraud. The police are investigating the issue I have nothing further to say on an open investigation. It was approximately one hour before police arrived. Wearing glothes it is possible that it may have not been on his hands. I showed up because XXXXX showed up at my parents house. I wanted to solve any issues his crazy ass had.

8 years ago

Shawn when I point the finger in court and justice is served are you planning on putting money on his books? I will also be persuing a civil case afterwords.

8 years ago

Shawn more then likely your friend was so tweaked out, that he forgot to take the safety off. Yelling to call a “Witness” , Was his plan to shoot me, and then plant a gun in my hands and fire it ? Also if no gun was involved how do you explain the bullets and the neighbors calling the cops. Clearly bud your friend is a dickwad who is trying to kill me.

8 years ago

Shawn I would like you to post a story about your friend that is 100% truthful. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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