Mike South Went Bitch

Mar 31, 2014
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There’s no bigger mouth when it comes to preaching AHF’s agenda.Every fucking day this guy is screaming about performer safety, calling everyone in L.A. stupid, telling the world how he does it.

Then we find out Mike South talks the talk but forgot to walk the walk.

In true Mike South fashion, first he ignores, then — when he realizes this shit ain’t going away — he makes an incredibly ridiculous statement regarding Georgia OSHA followed by an accidental admission of guilt on his site…

Mike South stands accused of shooting content without proper current HIV/STI tests, using substandard tests, and not using tests at all… And he responds with attacks on the guy who reported the story.

That’s a bitch move. You’re the poor man’s Michael Jackson; he got caught jerking off 12 year olds and tried to buy his way out of it. You got caught letting “vouched for” talent shoot untested cum on some girl’s face, but you can’t write your way out of this..

Accuse my friend of whatever you want, it still doesn’t change the fact that the mouthpiece for AHF is in violation of everything AHF and Cal/OSHA are force-feeding adult performers and producers through your site.

You’re the AHF mouthpiece, you’re on their email list, you’re supposed to be their bought and paid for big boy blog — the “you heard it here first” guy. But you failed.

AHF has a history of picking the losing horse: Desi Foxx, Shelley Lubben, Derrick Burts, Tim Tritch, Cameron Bay, Rod Daily, and now we can add Mike South to that impressive list ….

I gotta go, I’m an hour late on hacking Rob Black’s email…




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