Alana Evans Op-ed: Who are AIT Labs?

Apr 3, 2019
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This week, it was reported on the various XXX news websites that FSC Pass, who hasn’t held a meeting in two years, is adding a new “testing network.” AIT Labs, also known as Adult Industry Testing, seemed to pop up on twitter only last week, was followed by Eric Paul Leue, FSC’s official account, the FSC Pass’ official account, but was not followed by APAC.

At the same time this new “network” appeared on twitter, FSC was publicly attacking Talent Testing for their performer health questionnaire. Many believe this was simply retaliation for Talent Testing being the first PASS approved testing network to adopt the new HIV testing protocols, while calling out CET and FSCPASS to do the same.

Cutting Edge soon followed TTS’ move, and added the full panel of HIV tests to their performer panel. Keep in mind, both clinics added these extras tests due to performer outcry, while FSC’s Eric Paul Leue, continued to claim the tests were unnecessary.

So now we have Eric, speaking as FSC, introducing this new “testing network”  on April 1st, stating it is available to begin testing April 2. So who is AIT Labs? According to their website “AIT is a CILIA-certified laboratory.” The Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) regulate laboratory testing and require clinical laboratories to be certificated by their state as well as the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) before they can accept human samples for diagnostic testing. This is where we start our journey down the rabbit hole. Upon searching the database of CLIA, AIT Labs, aka Adult Industry Testing, does not exist, or have a CLIA certification, in either Nevada or California, both the states AIT claim to have operations.

What does this mean? AIT is not a lab. They may have a lab, but it is not registered as AIT, or Adult Industry Testing. So who is their actual lab? At this point, that information is completely unknown. Each draw center listed are actually other doctor’s offices servicing patients as draw centers, sending the test samples to an unknown lab. There is no physical address listed for AIT Labs, other than Las Vegas, Nevada.

So here’s a question. What is the protocol to become a PASS approved testing network? It clearly does not require a PASS board meeting, a CLIA certificate, or even an actual address.

Who is behind AIT? AIT is owned by a company called AKOI, LLC out of Las Vegas, Nv. The entire board, from President down to Treasurer, is listed as Gloria Summer, with an address that leads back to a Mail Plus location, not an actual office.

In other research, one more name came up connected to AIT Labs or AKOI, LLC.  An insurance agent named Jeremy Shugarman, also out of Las Vegas.

On the AIT lab website, they state the following:

“Our clients receive unmatched service, proven by our performance record for servicing the industry’s talent in virtually any setting imaginable.”

Since the press release stated that AIT Labs didn’t begin testing services until April 2, I guess they’re basing their service track record on one day.

With all of these concerns and questions, I will add one more. When Cutting Edge originally opened it’s doors, there was concern from their employees about the first lab they were using to run performer’s testing panels. In the first few months, zero performers tested positive for stds.

This meant that all the chlamydia or gonorrhea tests were coming back negative. While this may sound amazing, it left staff members worried that the lab they were using wasn’t actually running the blood work. CET switched labs, and under the new lab, began receiving the expected positive results among the performer pool.

For concerns like this, we need to know more about the labs running our testing. Transparency is so important when it come’s to performer health, and who we trust with our private medical information.

I reached out to AIT Labs in DM prior to their launch, asking for more information. I’ll just end my piece  with their reply…


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