More Shelley Lubben Testimonials?

Nov 11, 2011
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Sometimes things can’t be overlooked. As much as my good friend Michael Whiteacre is bothered by Shelley, I can’t ignore it when she gets props. Here are a few shout-outs from Shelley’s fans…

Shelley is tops when it comes keeping all the moneyBernie Madoff

Props to Shelley for hiding who she really isJames Hogue

Shelley is a inspiration to us all and im proud to call her my friend Barry Minkow

I would follow Shelley thru the gates of hell, a true women of godReed Slatkin

Shelley taught me everything I knowLou Pearlman

I love her, she convinced me to try dark meatJeffrey Dahmer

While I dont know Shelley, she is a motivation to all in the industryL. Lance Gilman

That Shelley is one crazy bitch, glad shes on my side Charles Manson

Shelley put money in my pockets and for that i will never forget her Pablo Escobar

Note from editor: I’m not sure of this Shelley chick’s last name. It might be Lubben, but who knows…

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Michael Whiteacre
Michael Whiteacre
12 years ago

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