Outlaw pornography to restore the dignity of Kenyan women

May 19, 2013
Sex Trafficking
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Parts of this are interesting, but alot of it is pure bullshit. Still worth the read

The questions that initially ran through my mind were: What level of self-loathing and desperation prompts women to become prostitutes or to perform for pornographic videos?

Surely the 3,000 shillings that the European man and his Kenyan accomplice are alleged to have given each of the women cannot compensate for the indignity that they endured.

What level of moral decay in our society explains the so-called “Campus Divas” syndrome where university students sell their sexual services online? Why would a woman with bright prospects destroy her future in this way? What career paths are open to a woman whose naked images are all over the Internet?

Have parents failed in their duty to inculcate ethical values? Have we “normalised” sexual abuse and pornography to the point where we are no longer outraged when we witness violence against women?

When teachers, uncles and neighbours become sexual predators, is there any hope for the girl whose first sexual encounter is with someone who is supposed to be her protector?

Has Kenya become a destination for sexual predators from Europe and other places? What is the government doing about it? Does it turn a blind eye because prostitution, like beaches and safaris, brings in tourists?

Religious leaders in Mombasa are rightly blaming the widespread use of pornography for the rise in the sexual exploitation and abuse of women, girls and boys across the country.

Although much of the research linking violence against women with pornography is inconclusive, there is evidence that prolonged exposure to pornography desensitises viewers to violence, including rape.

The war against pornography is already on in several countries. Iceland has banned strip clubs and has been trying to stamp out prostitution. In Uganda, a new anti-pornography Bill has been tabled.

In Britain, women have started a campaign to force The Sun to stop using images of topless young women on Page 3 of the newspaper. Supporters of the campaign say that Page 3 is akin to hate speech because it publicly degrades and objectifies women.

Campaigner Stephanie Davies-Arai argues that the daily portrayal of topless young women in a “family” newspaper “conditions men to see women and girls “first and foremost as commodities to use for sexual gratification and then disregard.”

The commodification of women is merely a by-product of unfettered capitalism — the idea that the world is a free market where supply and demand determine the prices of commodities and that everything, including women’s bodies, has a monetary value.

Capitalism survives by commodifying human beings. The Atlantic slave trade was part and parcel of capitalism’s flawed history. African slaves were bought and sold in order to build the “new world” America. Labour — that is, human beings — suffered in order to feed capitalists’ insatiable desire for wealth.

The difference today is that Africans are willingly selling themselves to the West and short-changing their own people. As the source of much of the world’s remaining natural resources, Africa is in great demand.

Unfortunately, these resources are often sold off for a pittance. In many countries, Africans are killing each other to meet the West’s demand for these resources.

Women and girls in the DRC are routinely being raped; entire villages are traumatised. The rape and pillage of Africa has continued to this day, all in the name of money, the new religion. The sale of African women in Europe and North America via porn sites is merely an extension of this pillage.

Pornography is a multi-billion dollar industry that has strong links to human trafficking, drug cartels and prostitution. It is a ruthless business that deals in the selling of human beings. It is as evil as drug trafficking and as addictive as heroin. It should be banned.



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