Performers First Didn’t Last 6 Months: Hello, Invision Model @InvisionModels

Feb 16, 2024
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Invision Models

Not that anyone cares, but remember when Dave at Motley did one too many terrible things and was forced to “leave” the porn agency world, never to “return”? Allegedly selling the contracts and roster to a new agency called Performers First?

While I couldn’t ever prove that Dave was somehow still involved, I always figured he was. At a minimum, collecting residuals on bookings or possibly taking payments on the “sale’. Which would explain why he only recently listed his $3 million home for sale.

Anyway, Performers First was a collection of people connected to porn, including Tiffany Ryan. In fact, upon the launch, people interested in booking scenes were given an email with Tiffany’s name in it.

However, Tiffany decided to move on in January 2024, incorporating the Invision name, obtaining a new license, and leaving with half the roster.

Wonder why??????????????

There’s another really good connection to someone, but we will save that for another day.

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