Plush Talent Owner Publicly Responds To “This Gia Paige”: TRPWL Responds to The Response

Mar 8, 2016
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Spin is a great word.. It has 1328 definitions and can be used 7699 different ways..Sadly, even though Im an award winning journalist, I have yet to master the spin..  I cant say the same for the fine people over a Luke Is Back. They got that shit down pact.

A few days ago, SEVERAL porn girls took to twitter to publicly lay the smack down on Plush Owner Scott Ohanian. What started as just one girl turned into 4. I caught it late as I was very busy looking at naked pictures of Erika Icon while masturbating with a cheese grater…Fortunately for me, my crack team of twitter watchers launched the TRPWL signal in the sky and screamed TRPWL News team assemble..

Soon I was banging away at my keyboard while silently hoping Erika would sell me a slightly used thong.

Yesterday, it came to my attention the Scott had also had a hand in the fake test scandal from last week, so, I wrote a grammatical masterpiece the likes of which can never be duplicated.

Then today, a 5th girl made allegations against Scott:




I didn’t bother grabbing the 3rd cap, cuz everyone already knows Scott’s a fucking scumbag. Well everyone but Luke Is Back (LIB)..How does one recover after getting hammered twice by the 6 time winner of TGWOAT award?  They reach out to LIB for rebuttal.

Earlier today the fine folks over at LIB wrote a story slamming Gia Paige. Claiming Gia was a not being honest, blah blah blah blah blah..Oddly, when the super awesome writers at LIB were stealing images from my site, they forgot to steal the images from the OTHER girls who also claimed to have an issue with Scott.. See that’s what us professional crime fighting award winning mountain climbing wordsmiths call ‘spin’.

According to LIB, Gia is actually upset because “recently Plush Talent sued Hussie Models and won a $50,000 judgement against them” Whats interesting about that is there is no paperwork anywhere supporting this claim. Riley at Hussie knows nothing about it, a legal search in Scott’s NAMES only turns up judgements against him..Nothing with Hussie, or Riley’s name anywhere..Maybe those most spectacular people over at LIB will post the signed order showing us the judgement.

I talked with Riley before writing this, I asked him did Scott ever sue him? he told me “no”. He did say Scott had some retard send him some sort of fake cease letter and according to Riley is wasn’t even addressed to him using his legal name, it was addressed to his stage name..I asked Riley if he’d ever been served? He said once he lost a dance battle to some kids from around the way but that’s it..LOL Na i made that up cuz it was funny. (southpark)

Next, LIB says “Now I personally have seem the paperwork including a copy of the bond and I have spoken with a rep from the state of California licensing division (a nice lady named Janine) and she personally confirmed they are in fact licensed with the state.”
Another odd claim since Janine stopped working there Dec 31st..But what do I know..


“Prior to her attacking Plush Talent I had never in fact heard of this Gia Paige.”

“I pulled up her profile page at IAFD and found she has basically done a handful of scenes for Brazzers and mofos. Okay. She’s done less than like 10 movies.”

This makes NO sense, as Gia is actually very popular. Any girl who only shoots in Florida won’t have a long list of credits, but since Gia moved to LA im told she has over 40 scenes in the can, Riley says the numbers closer to 60. Her ranking on freeones list her at 551 with 800 votes and 106 links.. But then this is the same site offered up this fine piece of promotion:


I think maybe LIB is a bad judge of who’s hot and who’s not..The girl above doesn’t even register on freeones , and might not even be active anymore..Im sure the fact that this girl was once with Plush is just a coincidence..

And to really bring home how serious LIB was about “this Gia Paige” they quoted Mike South..And we all know how super awesome and honest Mike South is.

Mike South once said ,,,, “Of all the emails i get this is one of the three most common topics….a porn chick telling me about a scumbag agent.”

He’s not wrong … out of all the emails I get, it’s one of the most common I get as well. There are just as many girls who will tell you they love their agent, that will tell you they hate their agent.


The worst part of this is, both Mike and Kelli are correct. I too get emails about scumbag agents. Most of them are about Scott with a few Kevin complaints sprinkled in..

I guess, my question would be, If Scott’s so good,  were are all of his defenders at?

Anyway, I have to go, I need to clean off my cheese grater before its used to grate cheese…







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Stiff Peter
Stiff Peter
5 years ago

Gia Is Hot as fuck
Is she done with Riley yet and if not I will wait
Worth it

Stiff Peter
Stiff Peter
5 years ago

Scotty held one of his talents against her will, she was lucky and snuck out late one night through the window
Scotty didnt know
Talent has left the building

5 years ago

I recently saw the trailer for Gia Paige’s FacialAbuse scene. I am intrigued by her petite figure and lovely, freshly spanked bottom. I will do more research prior to fapping, but she made the list.

5 years ago

P.S. LIB is dog shit aside from reading some old Luke posts now and then.

Yo Momma
Yo Momma
5 years ago

I read Mike South and LIB for laughs and this site for legit news. Kelli shlepping for Scott is no big surprise

Fast Frank
Fast Frank
5 years ago

Yes Gia has that bottom well fitting for a light spanking. Saw her scene on Nubiles. She would definately make the cut and I presume she will be a honor student. Another scene she is in Pig tails which Minus the pig tails mock up she is sporting that purdey Bottom.
Who said she did 10 scenes ? She is got over 100 on Freeones Proli a Typo - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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