Plush Talent Owner Scott Ohanian Accused of Domestic Violence, Drug Use, And of Having a Fake License

Jun 13, 2017
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As TMZ would say, SHOCKING! No, not really, here at TRPWL we have documented these incidents over the past year or so, each time Scott is accused of SHOCKING behavior we run it. He’s been accused of so many SHOCKING things that its really not SHOCKING anymore.

One SHOCKING thing I have noticed, Scott preys on 18 year olds. The only way he can stay around is by conning these girls who dont know any better.

My favorite line from the last 14 days:

“He doesn’t have a license? I saw him print one up and hang it on his wall behind his desk” LOL SHOCKING

Sorry, thats not how it works, and no, He doesn’t have a licensed, you just got conned

Those are all SHOCKING allegations, unfortunately for Aria, nothing new..

Just a couple weeks ago, be was called out for “borderline rape

He’s outed performers real names and addresses

Written at least one $3000 bad check

Been accused of theft and credit card fraud

Hasn’t been licensed since Dec 2016.

In the last 18 months, He’s been accused of wrongdoing by at least 14 ex-Plush models, thats a pretty SHOCKING number.  For his part, Scott always says the girls are lying, all 14 of them.

I wonder if Scott gets tested at CET or TTS? Ahhh who cares, I’m sure a drug addict banging his talent doesn’t pose a risk to the talent pool.  It would be SHOCKING if it did.



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  • Awwww and this is one of ex pornstar, Farrah Valentine favorite people. I recall her and him calling each other a bunch times last year when I worked for him

    Alanaxxx June 13, 2017 6:59 pm 6:59 PM Reply
  • First: Will someone take this guy behind a fn shed .and put it too pasture….

    Second: Now to the important shit..”Holt fn shit”
    Well I did a triple check and SMH and checked again and yes ..”IT’S TRUE OH IT’S TRUE” I figured I had huffed a bit to much Liq Paper when a tweet came across my TL the other night.. Old foes at peace. “IT’S TRUE OH IT’S TRUE” And whattya know. Like it was meant to me ..hahah Jew-Hell hath frozen over-ith..Sweet…

    Third: It would be just rude not to give due props.
    Ms.Evans congrats on an amazing career with over 500+ scenes to your credit and counting… Extra Jew-gold star for being inducted into Hall in 2015. You are a porn legend.

    Oh almost forgot..I hear that ex in ex porn star won’t be there much longer
    Good Luck Alana and Godspeed

    lucifuge1973 June 13, 2017 10:37 pm 10:37 PM Reply
  • True I hear the skinny bitch is coming back. I also hear that her boyfriend who runs that , is going to be the one doing her and the scenes. His rankings suck, and makes money from selling content of other girls he’s had sex with. That Farrah Valentine chick, if you watch her films, she’s like a paperweight- a dead fuck. At least she’s going to be working and be exposed for who she is…. Exposed whore
    I read a article on Twitter which linked to Facebook last month about how this girl has stolen money for stuff people bought from her and they was showing proof of their conversations with Farrah for custom made videos, used panties and skype shows. They also showed when asked about what these people paid for she gives a excuse and then they get blocked. $100’s of dollars she stole. In porn industry this is theft.
    And she bad mouths the porn girls in the industry, saying she don’t need porn, and word is she’s coming back? Let’s see who she calls rape on this time. Remember it was 1 year ago this month she called rape begged for $3000 and wanted to sue . Oh wait she won’t sue her boyfriend. He’s a low budget porn producer. Over half his videos are show primarily in his bedroom or his living room. Farrah must feel proud of his used up old junk.

    Alanaxxx June 14, 2017 8:38 pm 8:38 PM Reply
  • Looks like plush talent is history now, website is gone and his twitter is now @scottietheagent, no tweets since 2017.

    fr May 11, 2018 3:58 pm 3:58 PM Reply

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