Unlicensed Plush Talent Owner Scott Ohanian Outs Performers Name & Address

Jan 7, 2017
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It’s to the point now where nothing this guy does is a surprise..I’m not gonna bore you the Scott back story, its well documented here on TRPWL. The dudes been accused of sexual assault, stealing from talent, stealing from a producer, writing a $3000 bad check, and lying to girls about clips for sale content so he can bang them,..  There is more but, the game is on..

Today, I get an email, its a forward from 2 different people. It’s an email that Scott sent out in regards to Madison Hart.. She was formally a Plush girl but from the sounds of it, like others, she bailed and is now with Motley..

Attention all producers:

I wanted to advise you that a model that has been contracted by Plush Talent LLC has made an attempt to walk away from Plush Talent LLC TA- 000213308 while still under contract. This model’s name is Madison Hart.

We are attempting to collect all fees from Madison Hart, including an unpaid balance of $2,760.15 before legal action is pursued. Once all fees are paid, I will be more than happy to send out a follow-up email so that your producers may continue booking her if desirable.

I have also just found out an email blast has gone out from Motley Models, who is attempting to work with Madison Hart while still under exclusive contract with Plush Talent LLC (contract attached in this email).

I ask you to please not book Madison Hart till this issue is resolved. We should all work together and not allow anyone to burn other agencies or production companies. Unfortunately, Motley Models has no form of business ethics, as he is in full knowledge that Madison Hart is under an exclusive contract with another agency and still continues to commit an obvious interference of contract. I truly hope I am given the same respect I have shown to all producers over the years as an agent working together with you. Thank you for your attention to this matter while I continue to address it.

Included in the email was 2 attachments, a contract and a itemization of the money allegedly owed.

Scott sent that invoice out in an email blast. The invoice contained her real name..

Check out those model house fees. Scott’s little apartment/model house… I find it hard to believe that living one day at a time Scott let this girl slide for all these fees. Not to mention, Scott has shown up on set to get checks himself..

Also included in that email blast was a copy of her contract. The contract contains Madison’s real name and address.

I asked a couple ‘reputable’ agents if there would ever be a reason to expose a talents real name and address in an email blast. Both said no. Both agreed that what Scott did was stupid.

Check this out:

I don’t know if you have any skin in this game, but they just sent out her legal name and address. We have never worked with this model and I don’t think we’ve worked with their agency.

That’s an email from a director, a guy who says he doesn’t think he’s ever even used the agency. How many people did Scott expose this girl to?

Seems ole’ Scott has been having a bad week with models. First Madison signs with a legit agency, then another model decided against signing with him, based in part to something that was written here. Scott didn’t take that very well and went on a rampage, refusing to take her off the site, even though she had never signed with him, he then took it one step further and told her he could have her blacklisted from the industry  HAHA  Yea, he said that. Then sent this tweet out:

What?  Maybe he was mad she didn’t share? Even one of Scott’s current models has said on more then one occasion Scott’s apt/35 dollar a night model house is a drug den. Why would Scott be mad about a little meth?  LOL

Yea, I know Scott, its not your fault…

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4 years ago

From the sound of it, he’s a pimp she made $2100 he’s come up with a scheme to try and take $1900

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