Did Rebecca Bardoux Steal Alia Janine’s Porn Star Comedy Show?

Jan 12, 2015
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Alia Janine is TRPWL‘s favorite retired big boobed porn star that does comedy now. Actually, she’s the only retired big boobed porn star that does comedy, but I digress.

Alia has been featured on multiple news websites, radio shows, and podcasts. She’s performed at some of the greatest comedy clubs across four states, she has worked with some of the most well known comedians today, and she even produces and hosts her own monthly comedy show at the famous Cutting Room in New York City. I’m guessing that is probably why she’s been nominated by AVN for “Mainstream Star of Year,” but I could be wrong.

I was very surprised when I saw a flyer for a pornstar comedy show that did not include her. In fact, the flyer only has one professional comedian, I’m very confused as to why it’s being called a “comedy” show… someone must be confused. We here at TRPWL were very curious because we know Alia has been planning a porn star comedy show for quite some time. Everybody knows — she won’t shut up about it, so it’s kind of hard not to. When you Google “porn star comedian” Alia Janine pops up, so it does seem very natural.

I contacted Alia and asked her what was going on with this clear case of thievery. Or was it thievery? I don’t know that’s why I’m asking.

Alia, first of all, how are your boobs?

(Laughs) They’re still hanging in there.

What’s going on with this pornstar show? Who’s throwing this thing?

(Laughs) That’s an excellent question! That would be Rebecca Bardoux and Phil Peredo.

We know whom Bardon’t, I mean Bardoux is, but who the hell is Phil Peredo?

Oh wow… (Laughs) Phil works at Sapphire’s Comedy Club, which is apart of the Sapphire’s Gentlemen’s Club.

When did you come up for the idea of a pornstar based comedy show?

When I found Mae Victoria. I had talked about doing a pornstar based comedy show on my podcast multiple times.

According to this press prelease, Rebecca has been planning this for almost a year…

alia janine

But then I did some digging and I found that it actually only took Rebecca 2 months.

rebecca bardoux

Alia interviewed Mae Victoria last July…

mae victoria

And I found a tweet from Alia talking about a pornstar comedy show back last November…

alia janine

If you follow Alia on Twitter, I personally feel you will see she is always promoting some comedy show she is on or producing.

alia janine

The last thing I saw Rebecca promoting was her GoFundMe page for $25,000 to go to school to be some type of skin care specialist. (After looking it up the most expensive school was around $8,000, which begs the question, what was she going to do with the extra $17,000…)

rebecca bardoux

Click to enlarge


So, did Rebecca steal your idea?

Basically, yes, but Rebecca wasn’t the only one. I had emailed Phil and discussed my idea with him. He told me that Rebecca had started working with him. I told him that Rebecca and I have an unpleasant history, and that I was concern with her stealing my idea. He told me that what she was doing was not like my show. That is was going to be a “glorified” open mic. He wanted to put me on her show as well as have my show. I told him that wouldn’t be the best idea, but that I would be willing to work something out. Possibly have Rebecca on my show, or just have one really big show.

Whoat whoa whoa stop the clock. You were going to have Rebecca on your show?

(Laughs) Yes, I was. I’m a businesswoman. Comedy is more than just telling some jokes. Sometimes you have to work with people you would rather not have to for the greater good of what you want to accomplish.

Wow, that is very big of you. I’m impressed. So, what happened next?

After that last email, Phil stopped responding to me. At that time it was around Christmas, so I wasn’t pressing too hard. I had emailed him two other times until he finally responded and said that he wasn’t interested anymore. Two days later their flyer comes out for a pornstar based comedy show.

Wow… I think anyone with an ounce of common sense would say that is straight thievery!

I would agree, but my show has actual comedians. If you think about it, their show is really nothing but a glorified open mic, because there is only one pro comedian on the flyer. Evan and Kurt have been done some standup, but it’s not something they appear to be pursuing too seriously. This is the first comedy thing I have seen Rebecca do in almost a year.

From Phil Peredo's Facebook

From Phil Peredo’s Facebook

What does AVN have to say about this? According to Rebecca’s Facebook page they’re sponsoring it.

rebecca bardoux

Sapphire’s Gentlemen’s Club has a contract with AVN. They’re an official sponsor for the award show, so they are licensed to use AVNs name with pretty much anything they want. No one at AVN knew about the show.

Very interesting. How do you know that?

Because multiple people that work for AVN told me. AVN tried to have a comedy show last year and it didn’t do well, so they weren’t going to do one this year.

I was going to say, that would be really weird if AVN nominated for Mainstream Star of the Year for doing comedy then not have you in their comedy show, wouldn’t it? One might even say, how bizarre?

Common sense would say so, yes.

So what are you going to do?

I’m talking with some lawyers because of some licensing stuff, but probably nothing. I think their actions here speak louder than anything I could say or do. The only thing they proved was that Rebecca is a thief and obviously very threaten and jealous of me, and that Phil is liar and an untrustworthily businessman. As I said, their show really is nothing more than a glorified open mic. There’s nothing to do.

Are you still having your show?

No. Not because of them, although they didn’t help either, but there was scheduling conflicts with the other venues and the comedians I wanted. The Death Squad crew is having a FREE Dirty show Friday night 12:30am at South Point Casino. Brian Redban, Sam Tripoli, Jason Rouse, Rosie Tran, and Yoshi Obayashi. If people want to get some laughs, that’s the place to be.

You’ve worked with them before, will you be performing at that show?

No, I will be in LA all day Friday and Saturday afternoon for some meetings. I’ll probably pop up somewhere for a set while I’m in Vegas. It’s what comedians do.

In closing, did Rebecca Bardoux steal Alia Janine’s comedy show?

I’d like to thank my dear friend Alia for taking the time to talk to me over the weekend. Catch up with Alia through these methods:

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Porn Jerk
Porn Jerk
7 years ago

The shows are completely different per all involved so I don’t see a problem, certainly nothing to involve ambulance chasing shysters with. I think Alia’s concept is more interesting and likely to be more entertaining by far but the core idea has been around for generations, usually failing for lack of planning and promotion when tried.

7 years ago

10 “comics” in and hour and a half?

7 years ago

Alia isn’t even in Vegas, is she??? So, there can only be ONE comedy show on the planet? Does this mean that if I built the second porn site in the world, I would be called a thief for stealing the idea from the guy that built the first one? We have more than one channel on tv. More than one radio station. WHO CARES if Bardoux/Sapphire/AVN created a comedy show? I personally will attend, and think it is a cool idea, no matter WHO originally came up with the idea. One thing is for sure, no matter where the… Read more »

7 years ago
Reply to  Chris

Do you even know how to read, bro? LMAO

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