Researchers Create Digital Condom for Electrifying Sex

Feb 26, 2014
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Two researchers, Fraz Peer and Andrew Quitmeyer from Georgia Tech University have invented a digital condom that sends electric impulses and increases pleasurable sensation during intercourse. The researchers considering the importance of condom in modern society and how little people like wearing it, have designed a new type of condom named “Electric Eel”.


They have developed two versions of the Electric Eel – one is the existing condom wired with electrodes on each side of the sleeve and hooked to a microcontroller for power and the other is a conductive sock.

As they tested the condom on themselves and others, the resulting sensation was “pleasurable, comforting and exciting”, according to them.

One of the latest challenge put by the Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates is to provide $100,000 initial funding and further $1 million of possible funding to scientists who invented the ‘next generation condom’, which the foundation claims to increase pleasure during intercourse and reduce the spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD).

The Electric Eel is an invention in response to the Gates Foundation’s challenge. The main aim behind the creation is to elevate the sensation during sex. “This increases the sensations felt during sex and opens up the technology to be used with other wearable devices and sensors,” Science World Report quoted Peer and Quitmeyer.

Peer and Quitmeyer are currently looking for funds for their project from a crowd sourcing website – Indiegogo and hope to raise about $10,000 by end of March 2014.

What is more interesting is, how many men would like to get themselves electrocuted – although mildly and at regular intervals.



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