Rick Madrid Soliciting Amateur Talent From His Homeless Shelter (UPDATED: Rick Responds)

Oct 8, 2014
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Rick Madrid a.k.a. Dasha Madera is a lonely soul. Despite claiming to have a wife and children in one of his threats on faded adult blog LukeIsBack, he’s been a long-time user of online dating sites.

Rick has a profile on the site Badoo. Rick is there to meet girls. He has zero friends. He claims to have an advanced degree. He is straight. He lives with a roommate. Here he claims to have no children. He enjoys Shakira, musicals, and Orlando Bloom movies. He is straight.

He’s also recruiting young women to make $120,000 a year in the adult business. Who wouldn’t want to make that kind of money?

Did I mention he is straight?

A very exciting and wild relationship. i AM A CHICANO MALE XXX PORNSTAR AND I MAKE LOVE GOOD AND MAKE GIRLS CUM… SO IF UR GAME FOR A STD FREE AND TESTED GOOD LOOKING GUY CALL ME [REDACTED] RICK MADRID OR EMAIL ME at and I am also recruiting for xxx pornstars to make $ 120, 000 a year.. u getting that?? everything paid for. thanks

There’s that advanced degree in action.

Rick Madrid Soliciting Amateur Talent From His Homeless Shelter

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He also has a profile on a BBW Model Search site. I’m fairly certain nothing in that acronym applies to him.


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Profile visibility there is 0.1%. He also posted in their forum.


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Here’s his profile on DateHookup.com. His interests include anal (1st thing mentioned) and BBQ. Those two things go hand in hand. Here he says he has an Associates Degree.


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“I also love the gym that i work out at and keep my sexy body fit.”

He participated in the website’s forum, providing some guidance to those wanting to know about dating Latinas.


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And he has a very active blog on there…


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Lastly for now, he also has a profile on the unfortunately named dating site hi5. This screen capture was done yesterday evening, so he is active there fairly regularly. He’s searching for sex partners and again recruiting for the industry. He might crush LATATA.


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Where would Rick take all these lucky ladies?

To an address he’s used several times with a multitude of people in Van Nuys. When one enters that address into Google, what does one get?

Lutheran Social Services of Southern California. A call to the organization revealed that Lutheran Social Services is an agency that “works with homeless and mentally ill members of the community to help get them back on their feet,” and that Rick has availed himself of their services in the past (they immediately recognized his name).

Our Community Care Centers in Van Nuys and Santa Clarita focus mainly on homeless and at-risk individuals and families. Our programs are developed to provide families with the resources, education and long term plans needed to help them find their way out of poverty to become contributing members of the community. We offer a full range of short-term assistance such as food and clothing, but also offer urban garden plots, computer training, employment assistance and case management which provide referrals and individual guidance to assist an individual or family to reach a place of self-confidence and dignity.

What precisely do they offer at Lutheran Social Services? A Mobile Clinic, Hygiene Packs, Bus Vouchers, Mail Services, and Homeless Lunches among other amenities. Everything that Dasha needs.

In fact, if Rick gets lucky and scores some anal from an unwitting and unlucky lady, maybe he’ll stop by another address he has listed as his home, Loaves and Fishes, for a meal and some clean clothes.

Loaves and Fishes of Van Nuys provides food and emergency housing for the homeless in Los Angeles County. It is a homeless shelter where Rick is also a familiar face.

rick madrid

A popular dining establishment for Rick

Looks like Rick Madrid is the new Markus Destin.


Please follow this link to donate to Lutheran Social Services of Southern California.

I’d like to thank Bosco for his assistance. You’re worth every shekel.

UPDATED: 10/9 by Gus Harvard :
After this post went to press, a semi-literate Twitter account thought to belong to Rick Madrid a.k.a. Dasha Madera tweeted this:


Gee Rick, of all the places to have your ID sent to, you choose a homeless shelter? Why? Have you stayed there before?

Most people use a UPS Store — ol’ Dasha uses a homeless shelter.

While I have everyone’s attention, I  find nothing funny about homelessness or mental disorders. Unless, it’s happening to someone like Madrid, Foxx or South .

Here’s Rick tweeting a Donny  site that just happens to be the name of a 10 year old


I’m curious Rick Madrid, how would you like it if we made websites in your family’s names then tweeted them?

Like Ervin Joseph Palato, your dad? You wouldn’t like it would you? Rick, trust me when I say we have the whole family tree…


UPDATED: 10/9 6:00PM

I personally feel there is no denying who the account belongs to now, due to this and numerous other tweets where Rick Madrid forgets he was pretending to be Michael Whiteacre.


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[…] He also has a profile on a BBW Model Search site. I’m fairly certain nothing in that …read more     […]

Rick Madrid Soliciting Amateur Talent From His Homeless Shelter | The Rob Black Website
8 years ago

[…] Rick Madrid Soliciting Amateur Talent From His Homeless Shelter […]

8 years ago

Rick’s taking his boat to nowhere… Pathetic mope

8 years ago

Someone give this douchebag a Samurai sword and put him on a cliff.

Pimpin In Atlanta
Pimpin In Atlanta
8 years ago

LOL “Musicals” The guy is a joke. What’s with that stupid blue hat he’s wearing in all his pictures? Is that suppose to make him look “hard”? Too funny that South is so desperate for comments he solicits responses from this fuckwit.

8 years ago

Poor Dasha aka RickMadrid seems he’s having trouble finding free wifi too these days!! I just don’t recall when he was ever a XXX porn star, more like a “Wanna-Be-A-Porn Star!” Now he’s #HOMELESS and parades around on twitter like he’s Michael Whiteacre with his fake account!
Something is wrong with this dude for real… He doesn’t seem to be living in the real world thats for sure!!

gigolo code
gigolo code
1 year ago

dasha old guy.

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