Ron Jeremy Not Into Animal Sex At Medical Research Facilities

Dec 15, 2013
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Ron Jeremy asks the National Institutes of Health to end sex experiments on furry creatures


Ron Jeremy is usually very into sex.

So much he’s been ranked as one of the “50 Greatest Porn Stars of all Time.”

But when it comes to sex, he’d rather watch humans than learn about animals in laboratories any day.

The legendary adult film star recently spoke out against several experiments funded by the National Institutes of Health that examined sexual organs and behaviors of animals.

In his letter to the NIH, Jeremy mentions a project that involved Johns Hopkins researchers using rodents in erectile dysfunction studies.

University researchers cut all the skin off live mice’s and rats’ penises  — a guaranteed way to turn anyone on.

They then electrically stimulated the organs for five minutes, and injected the animals with chemicals to see if they could sustain an erection.

Does this mean a cheaper Viagra (a pill that treats a condition also treatable with weight loss and better cardiovascular health–something helped by a plant-based diet) is on its way to the market?

Jeremy doesn’t think so.

“When people across the country are struggling to meet rising health-care costs, why is the NIH putting up millions of dollars to fund hard-ons for rodents?” Jeremy asks.

Here’s the Hedgehog’s full letter to NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins:

December 10, 2013

Dear Dr. Collins,

As you can imagine, it takes a lot to shock me, but my friends at PETA managed to pull it off recently when they told me that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is spending millions of dollars each year on sick sexual-behavior experiments on animals.

I was appalled to learn that the NIH funded a perverted study at the University of Michigan and the University of Western Ontario in which experimenters cut open rats’ skulls, implanted tubes in their brains, and administered chemicals to block their sexual pleasure. Experimenters measured how long it took males to mount and ejaculate into females—and then they killed the rats and dissected their brains. In another depraved NIH-bankrolled experiment, at Johns Hopkins University, experimenters cut all the skin off the penises of live mice and rats, electrically stimulated the penises for several minutes, and then injected the penises with chemicals to see whether they’d sustain an erection. Afterward, the animals were killed and their penises were cut apart.

And these are just two examples of the many twisted sex experiments going on today. Experimenters are observing mice, rats, hamsters, and other animals having sex (or—worse—sexually exciting the animals themselves), mutilating the animals’ genitals, and more.

When people across the country are struggling to meet rising health-care costs, why is the NIH putting up millions of dollars to fund hard-ons for rodents? I consider myself to be a bit of an expert on sex—I’ve got more than 1,700 movies to prove it—and I know how important it is to have and enjoy it. But I don’t know a single person who’s OK with cutting up live animals’ genitals for any reason.

I once had a rat named Fetus, whom I adopted from the comedian Howie Mandel, and I know firsthand what great personalities and high intelligence these animals have. They absolutely don’t deserve this fate.

Torturing and killing animals in the name of sex experiments is horrible—it’s depraved, and it has no place in today’s society. I urge you to stop this taxpayer boondoggle and cut off funding for these cruel, wasteful experiments immediately.

Ron Jeremy


Photo: Toglenn/Creative Commons


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