APAG President Wants To Be Paid For Her “Numerous Hours Of Volunteer Work”

Mar 1, 2018
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In a post last week I laid out APAG and felon Phylisha Ann’ money scam. Using screen caps from the unions first website as well as Phylisha Ann’s own posts, it was pretty obvious what her end game was..The post basically laid out how the union, wants to get paid off the backs of performers.

After the post, a post titled ” Porn Union: It’s Always Been About The Money & The Truth About FSC” newly installed President Alana Evans started tweeting me.. Saying the union wasn’t a money scam and they need money for things like:

So the union needs a 125 bucks a year from performers to cover hosting and legal zoom?  LOL  really?  The APAG site if lucky might see 100 clicks a day, hosting for a site like that even thru Go Daddy is around 7 dollars. The domain or URL, 10 bucks a year, and legal zoom??  Why would the union need legal zoom?  More on that in another post.

Now, I just wrote a story on the union wanting to get paid, that story was the basis for the APAG President being mean and hurting my feelings on twitter. After telling me that I just had it in for them for NO reason at all, this tweet goes out:

Now, I’m not Mike South, I don’t live with my mom, but to me, it would appear that the APAG President wants to be compensated for her “volunteer’ work.  The definition of volunteer withstanding, no one forced you to be an APAG officer.  You were appointed via a fake election, you could of done like the others who “won” and decline the position.

But you accepted, knowing at the time there was NO money on the table, but you took it anyway. Why would you do that? Did someone tell you that at some point you would be payed for your service as APAG officer?   And, if someone did tell you that, then every time I say the fake union is about people getting a pay check im right.

So if you need to collect dues to be a “legal” union, how come in APAG’s first set of fillings it shows $0 dues collected?  Does that mean APAG wasn’t legal it’s first year?  And according to this post, APAG hasn’t started collecting at all. Which would mean, according to your tweet, that APAG or IEAU hasn’t been legit since day one.

As this point, the twitter convo lead to me asking about elections. I was told they all had 3 year terms:


In an industry were the average performer lasts about 8 months, APAG wants them to give APAG money to pay salaries to a group of people they most likely will never meet, or elect…

The reason for the 3 years, according to the APAG President:

So I guess running APAG is harder then being in the US House Of Representatives, who only serve 2 year terms..Seems legit

I’m sure some will think I’m attacking Alana, I’m not, I’m attacking the way she got to where she is, sort of like the Trump hacking, he allegedly became President in a nefarious way, only with Alana, it wasn’t Putin, it was Felon Phyllisha Ann.

I really have no idea what Alana’s intentions are, why she’s doing what she’s doing. From what I can gather, she wants to do the right thing, at least publicly, the issue lies with the head of the union and how all the officers got there spots..

And NO need to thank me for the post APAG, by the time im done you’ll have more members then the Teamsters.

Make your union free for the next year and a half or however long your term is and I’ll pay the hosting and renewal starting with this month…..

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  • Paid for volunteering? Ha. Nice post

    Moneyhungry March 1, 2018 12:43 pm 12:43 PM Reply
  • Id like to see a porn parody done as if it were a union set. “Whoa, whoa. She’s not an Anal Whore, she’s just an Apprentice BJ Girl. Stop this scene. We need to get the Shop Steward to file a complaint and call the Union Hall to get an Anal Whore down here…..OK, I called the Hall, Nina Hartley is on her way. Listen buddy, I don’t care if the title is Turdburgled Teens, Nina has seniority, so she’s in line for the gig. It is acting, throw a school girl skirt on her and put her in pigtails and no one will know the difference. Now, you remember the most vested mope gets first choice of hole, right? Good. And anything more than 5minutes of pussy eating and the clock on time and a half starts…..”

    Just go on and on w/ Union induced production delays, while the would be cast is sneaking off to pass the time by getting high and banging. Then when it is all settled and they are ready to shoot, the Union drug testing van shows up and all the performers skeedaddle, just like on a construction site.

    Crunkleschwitz March 1, 2018 11:44 pm 11:44 PM Reply
    • you should be writing scripts for Quasar lol

      TRPWL March 2, 2018 8:47 am 8:47 AM Reply
  • It’s not about the money haha

    Rubyfail March 4, 2018 11:49 am 11:49 AM Reply
  • As a member in good standing of the Teamsters, I think you’ve pointed out a critical flaw in the current situation.

    While yes, there are quite a few paid union positions. Typically, business agent is the paid entry level position. The agent backs shop stewards, organizes workers, and handles mid-level disputes between workers and employers. There are many other paid positions in unions like the Teamsters.

    However, unions like the Teamsters are lot looking for short term employees (not to be confused with independent contractors). For example, if someone says “I only want to be working in trucking for six months, then go on to other things.” It goes against what Teamsters and unions are for. How do you negotiate pensions and health coverage for someone who doesn’t want to commit.

    For example, Sand Hogs, the guys who dig the tunnels for the New York water dept, may wait in the office for months, without pay, for the chance to become a Sand Hog. Once hired, they’re working the job for life. The commitment comes with union representation, good pay, healthcare, retirement and the pride of working for one of the tightest engineering operations in the U.S.

    That would not be possible with workers who just want to get in for a few months and get out.

    Fetish Artist March 6, 2018 6:22 pm 6:22 PM Reply
    • The turnover ratio in porn is to high for any union to get in a position to create change..APAG has and always will be a failure, I just like pointing it out.

      TRPWL March 7, 2018 8:19 am 8:19 AM Reply
  • Alana:

    First let me be frank you never answered my last e-mail when Stormy Daniels made a mess of her little scam job. You and Jessica Drake supporting her makes no sense to me againt President Trump. This seems like some sort of desperation attempt at connecting no body porn sex workers to an elected offical for publicity reasons… Trump can pay for sure and it wont hurt him to do that but he can also bite back pretty hard as he has the resources to pretty much destroy all 3 of you if he were to decide to do so.

    Second, I have recieved several messages from performers and producers asking me about APAGUNION. As per my investigative reporting pushes me to do some checking. So I am pretty much connected to everything related to porn and the California industry standard and the protocol for the state and city requirements.

    Per my digging and snooping and speaking with the folks in the know… The legislators and politicians in Los Angeles county, state and local officials in Los Angeles and San Fransisco I am not finding any legal registration or authorization regarding your “union”. Now you are in a smear campaign against the President of our nation as you self appoint yourself as a President of some unknown “union”.

    Possibly I am wrong but is there some way you can send me some sort of documentation that gives you the right to run a union and to also put yourself in President status. Board of directors, attorney, legal references and documentation and or registration of said union and how your position is supposed to be considered legit… granted if voted in by a board or stock holders but so far there are no financial records or tax informations available as of today.

    Just curious to hear your side of the story here as many performers and producers here in the industry are asking me what gives you the right to make such claims and why should anyone in the adult film business listen to you? Are you charging membership dues? That would require tax registration and LLC compliant documentation from the state of California.

    Please get back to me as soon as you possibly can. Looking forward to hearing your plans and how this is working out.


    Gene Ross

    Gene Ross March 16, 2018 5:21 pm 5:21 PM Reply
  • Holy actual fuck…On a total side note. I seen Gene’s Ross had posted a comment and i was expecting a crazy fn rant ALL IN CAPS POPPING OFF ABOUT SOME FAGHAGS OR COCO. Figured it had to be Donkey Long using your handle again to post more verbal diarrhea .
    Good to see you are alive and well Gene. I hope you and yours are in good health, content and enjoying life. Best Regards Lucifuge1973.

    P.s. Ever catch up and shoot the shit with Gram P these days? Thanks

    Vern Nickerson March 17, 2018 11:53 am 11:53 AM Reply
  • Vern:

    Thank you for the kind comment. Sadly Mr. Seoane has done serious damage to my old website AdultFYI and he has managed to open a fake twitter (locked)http://twitter.com/generossisback where he has libeled and slandered many performers as well as myself. Donny Long is seriously mentally deranged damaged goods. He is ruined and he did it all to himself and my suggestion is everyone needs to ignore him. He lays in the bed he made for himself. He is old news and not worthy of good toilet paper.

    He has run his course on pretending he’s me and he thinks people are too stupid to see it’s him with his ALL CAPS and vitriolic racism and bigotry. Anyway I have retired and occasionally I pop up here and there to do some damage control. Seeing as my old site has been destroyed by Mr. Seoane it’s only fair I let the world know I no longer run adultfyi and to steer clear of it is being used to destroy people in the industry.

    I am in great health and am traveling and enjoying fishing and writing for several Television producers and I’m currently working on a book… more on that later.

    Cheers to all and hopefully this industry digs itself out of the muck it’s currently in… I haven’t been in touch with all that many folks these days but maybe in the future… ? I am coming out of retirement and will continue to chime in regarding this industry.

    Thanks again and stay tuned.

    Gene 😉

    Gene Ross March 19, 2018 4:35 am 4:35 AM Reply
    • Great to hear. So i take @meangeneross isn’t your Twatter account.

      Here’s a small excerpt from the pinned tweet to open the timeline…Just from the first three words i was pretty suspicious it wasn’t Gene.

      Gene Ross
      59m59 minutes ago
      Damn Eddie Donny is jealous https://sys.8ch.net/mod.php?/donkey/res/1285.html#1285 … of your girl. I guess a polish guy like you gets pretty lucky with the ladies but ole Donny not so much with that fish eyed faggot look and meth mouthed chicklet toothed grin on his pedo looking mug, his low education score…
      I’ll just deal with this for now ** Damn Eddie Donny is**…Well i think by my 4th or 5th grade i had a better understanding of the basics of punctuation. Commas are for pauses. Periods are used for full stops. Like so Eddie (ops i mean Gene) Damn…pause….Eddie…pause…Donny is …..Or Damn Eddie….pause…Donny is…. Alternatively you could use exclamation marks to emphasize the short sentence but if i didn’t know who you retards were i would be like who the fuck is Eddie Donny and why does he have two first names. Wonder if his middle name is like Joey or some shit…see ya lost me at the first three words. I know this is just a tweet but you are trying to pass yourself off as Mr. Gene Ross. An actual writer. Don’t get me wrong nut job please continue your onslaught of madness towards the donkey. You’ve shown him something he’s never seen. An even more bat shit crazy version of himself and you can tell it’s rattling his cage. Probably the same cage he keeps his teen tranny wife cage locked up in.. How can i see what the real Mean Gene is up too?

      Vern March 29, 2018 11:32 am 11:32 AM Reply
  • gene ross March 27, 2018 6:53 pm 6:53 PM Reply
    • Someone who isn’t Eddie P., (<–see comma for pauses) if you are going to attempt to look like a writer you should have some basic knowledge about sentence structure and some grasp on the English language….especially grammar!! Decent grammar goes a long way when it comes to how your are perceived. A lot of people judge a writer by their education. Levels completed, awards, milestones ..etc. It sets the tone for a reader writer relationship. There's set rules for that relationship to work. One being if you are gonna tell me a believable story about someone dumber then you, you should be smarter then said dummy or at least smarter then then me, the reader. Not unlike a dom/sub or teacher /student understanding. When you talk about someone else's low "education score" (I think low IQ is what you are looking for here some one who isn't E.P.) or their "chicklets" ( Chicklets is the slang for young girls and i assume you mean like the gum….Chiclets) you come off more retarded then the person you are trying to make look retarded. Tbh you should stick to impersonating Doony. Your guys style and levels of retardation go together like peas and carrots…<– think Forrest Gump retard level when sounding this out***

      So why do i give a shit and waste 15 mins of my life i can't get back writing this gem. It's simple..respect. Gene is a mutha fucking legend in my mind…the real Gene Ross doesn't deserve this shit. His old site at AdultFYI was a fn great place to kill some time… at first. When you looked past the obvious satirical " poking fun, wink wink, nods and nudges" post about the porn biz you found much more. Porn whores having a their train wreck lives presented as real or important or real news stories is what Gene was about and he did it well. His heart and soul went into that site and to see this guys shit on something he built really irks the fuck out of me. So Doony, Eddie or whoever the fuck you are, leave Gene Ross' name the fuck out of your closet homo dick measuring keyboard warrior battle. Grow the fuck up and if ya can't be men do what you guys do best… fake it. If you guys put half as much effort into being real men as you do pretending to be other men this shit would be settled by now. As Willie D used to tell me (quite often) GFY ..both of you..

      Vern March 29, 2018 1:01 pm 1:01 PM Reply
  • Vern:

    Thanks. You do realize twitter has a word count limit right? Well… generossisback is Donny. My account is meangeneross. Now you know. As far as twitter goes, well I do make some type ‘o mistakes here and there. Anyway Vern, thanks for your message and your sleuth critic of my bad English… LOL… you are so right. Well be a chap and don’t let it bother you too much be assured Eddie isn’t running anything. Stop listening to Donny’s propaganda. He’s good at deflecting and lying. Again if you need to write me just e-mail direct. Sorry you have been confused with my stylings there but… I am dealing with Donny Long now aren’t I? Take care and write if you wish. Eddie-

    Gene Ross April 10, 2018 3:39 pm 3:39 PM Reply
  • ^^^Is that real Gene or Fake Gene? I miss Fake Gene Ross and Fake Mike South.

    crunkleschitz April 11, 2018 12:04 pm 12:04 PM Reply
    • It’s Eddie D

      TRPWL April 12, 2018 8:06 am 8:06 AM Reply
      • Well then I am glad I didn’t waste time on an anti-Gene rant.

        crunkleschwitz April 12, 2018 2:23 pm 2:23 PM Reply

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