Scam Union Founder & Felon Phyllisha Anne Commits Yet Another Crime

Dec 31, 2016
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Stupid people do stupid things. Drug addicts do really stupid things, stupid drug addicts like Phyllisha Anne do so much stupid shit its hard for me to keep track..

Since this is porn, and it’s been a few months since I really shit on this tard, ill rehash a few things for the people who are new, or are also stupid and have forgot about all this piece of shit has done.

Phyllisha Anne started a union in an effort to make money off dues and initiation fees, in order for her to do this, she couldn’t have a legit election, instead, she hand picked people she thought would back her scheme up. Flash forward, after 5 months of NO ONE giving a shit, her dream of getting rich off performers was fading away, when an ultimatum to the Free Speech Coalition failed, she cut a deal with AHF for funding, in exchange she promised the Union would not only sign on to back AHF’s condom measure Prop 60, but she would deliver up to 300 performers to help get yes voters.  After coming to terms with AHF, She then, without the a vote by union members, or the board, illegally signed the unions name to Prop60.. A signature that was eventually removed by a Judge.. Her overstepping her position as well as selling out performers lead to the Union splitting and reducing Phyllisha Anne to nothing more then a punchline..

That sums up some of the stuff, there is a bunch more and its great reading..

During the AHF/Union buy the vote conversation, Phyllisha Anne recorded close to an hour worth of calls with Adam Cohen, AHFs Director of Policy. She then released that to other members of the board. It’s still up in the air as to whether or not Cohen knew he was being recorded as it was these recordings where he called James Deen a rapist..

Apparently that wasn’t the first time Phyllisha Anne has recorded someone, in fact, there are several illegally recorded conversations online right now..I say illegally recorded because Phyllisha Anne DID NOT have permission to record that person. In one instance, she walked into someones office and recorded a person to person meeting which is a direct violation of Cal. Penal Code § 632..


Iphone recording apps, so easy even Phyllisha Anne can do it..

I’m told that at least one of the people illegally recorded has or is going to file a criminal complaint.  I wonder how ANOTHER criminal conviction would affect her status with the scam union? I see her dream of federally subsidized $2-300,000 a year salaries vanishing quicker then the line of blow on her coffee table..

Oh shit, I think I just violated the cease and desist letter sent to me by Phyllisha Anne. My bad

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