IEAU Union Member & Prop60 Supporter ‘Ruby’ Says The Top Talent Can Go “Fuck Themselves”

Jul 28, 2016
Adult Business News
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LOL  This was part of a convo I had with union member Ruby thru twitter..She had reached out to talk about how great the Union was, and that she would soon have the union up to a million members paying 5 bucks..No Joke, or as my buddy Niq says, No Homo…

Apparently, the girls who are considered top tier can go fuck themselves…Or maybe, I’m reading it wrong


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7 years ago

Why the fuck would someone write this to a member of the media??? Are people that dumb? Yeah it is a numbers game and who is going to sway more numbers? The “top performers” in the industry or someone who hasn’t stepped on a set in about a decade?

Ruby/ Jennifer Roubenes Allbaugh
Ruby/ Jennifer Roubenes Allbaugh
7 years ago

Number 1, I personally oppose prop 60,number 2,you’ve taken me out of context. That conversation was about the last attack on the union.I told everyone that I was gonna get to the bottom of this.and I’m gonna. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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