Sex Toy Found Inside Fish Caught By Norweigan Fisherman

Apr 18, 2014
Sex Tech
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We know ocean pollution is no joke when fish are turning to sex toys for their nourishment. And we’re not talking Lelo Lipstick Vibrator here: a 64-year-old Norwegian fisherman found a bright orange, 16-inch dildo in a cod he was gutting last week. (It’s as yet unclear whether the cod was satisfied by the toy.)


Bjorn Frilund was doing some of his usual herring fishing near his hometown of Eidsbygda, Norway when he reeled in a large, six-kilogram cod. Noticing the fish’s stomach had an odd shape, he nonetheless went ahead and cut in, finding two half-digested herrings  — and one large orange vibrator.

Although at first understandably shocked (disturbed? creeped out?), Frilund was soon theorizing as to the dildo’s origin. It might have been thrown of a boat, he suggested to the Norwegian paper The Local, or by ”a frustrated woman on a cruise” in the Barents Sea. (Frustrated by the sex toy? Before the sex toy? Who knows.)

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