Sexual harassment allegedly rife in Paris: Every woman surveyed says they had been a victim

Apr 18, 2015
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sexual harassment

Every woman surveyed in Paris claimed to have been a victim of some kind of sexual harassment on the city’s public transport.

Half of them were assaulted before they were 18 years old. [Note, this is the feminist definition of assault, not the logical, legal definition. — MW]

The poll led to calls for a [feminist] campaign to stem sexist or threatening behaviour on buses and trains.

sexual harassment

The survey found that “every female user of mass transit has been a victim” of “gender harassment or sexual assault” – even though some are “unaware” of this because they have been conditioned to accept low-level abuse.

The poll of 600 women from the area around Paris found that half of those interviewed said they had first suffered harassment under the age of 18.

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Deep Throat
8 years ago

The key to this article lies in this phrase: “some are ‘unaware’ of this because they have been conditioned to accept low-level abuse.” You see, women are like children and they need gender feminists to explain the world to them. And how does this survey define sexual harassment? It includes insults (not necessarily gendered), “insistent” flirting, whistling, and comments on appearance. In other words, if a man they do not find sexually attractive expresses interest, it’s sexual harassment. And if a woman feels insulted by a man, it must be based on her sex and not any other factor. So,… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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