Shelley Lubben Is Running Out Of People To Scam: Pink Cross Begs

Shelley Lubben Is Running Out Of People To Scam: Pink Cross Begs

Of course by now I’m sure your aware that Shelley Lubben brought her kids to a porn supported event. Here’s some of her top secret comments from her facebook: It’s funny.

Well now the obsessed pornographer who is trying to take me down, has now threatened my husband at a pet shop no less with my kids right there. The guy tries to interrogate Garrett and films it and then sends the edited video to Garrett’s job claiming that Garrett and I run a fraudulent non-profit. The video is absolutely retarded and petty. The guy actually asked Garrett about when his named changed from Gary to Garrett because I lied about it in my book. What is that about? He also cursed at Garrett very vulgar pornographic words. Please pray for wisdom on how to handle this constant attack on our personal and public lives. We need wisdom. We also need people to KEEP supporting Pink Cross during these attacks. Donations have gone down but more and more people need help. Thank you for caring.

Shelley Lubben Hates Porn

Whiteacre Responds:

Michael Whiteacre
?1) Pornographer: I’m not a pornographer and I have made this clear to both Shelley and Garrett — LIE

2) I “threatened” her husband — if you mean threatened to exercise my legal rights against him yes, but otherwise no — DISTORTION

3) “at a pet shop … with [her] kids right there” — She and her kids live in Bakersfield; she brought then to a porn event — a public event promoting a documentary about porn– a two-hour drive away in Hollywood which happened to be at a pet shop — DISTORTION

4) Edited video — the video is basically unedited except to cut in title cards and cut out parts that are unintelligible due to passing traffic and/or unwatchable due to the camera-person being jostled by passers-by. Oh and it has a –fade at the end. Otherwise EVERY exchange between us on a particular subject is complete and intact. — DISTORTION

5) I sent it to Garrett’s job: NO, I publicly tweeted the link several times, and sometimes referred to Garrett as an employee of Boston Scientific. I NEVER sent it or tweeted it to his employer — LIE

6) Vulgar pornographic words — I called him a piece of shit, and told him to suck my ass. Compare that to what Shelley Lubben said at Cambridge! and in other videos! Was SHE using “vulgar pornographic words”? — DISTORTION

7) “The guy actually asked Garrett about when his name changed from Gary to Garrett because I lied about it in my book. What is that about?” It’s about how she moved the change to 1995 (it actually happened in 2004) in order that she could draw a parallel to the biblical story of Abraham (whose name was changed from Abram to symbolize that he would become the father of a new, great nation).

In Shelley’s mythology, this had to happen 1) before or contemporaneous with her exodus from California; and 2) before they had children together. In reality, it happened when they moved to Bakersfield in 2004, after both their kids were born. This can be independently confirmed

8) She writes that Pink Cross donations have gone down — WAIT, I thought Garrett said I’d had no effect?

9) “More and more people need help” — Garrett could not even tell me how many people are in Pink Cross’ “care”! The answer is NONE! Where is all that money going? I think we all know the answer.

Hey Shelley, donations are down because you’re a lying, thieving, pill popping scam artist. Your family hates you, the people who you claimed to have helped hate you, the press hates you and Monica Foster hates you (again). No one believes a fucking word that comes out of your mouth. You talk about Alana Evens being a bad parent, but you take your fucking kids to event crawling with pornstars and you make your kids hold up signs with word porn written on them. You’re a sick and disgusting person and if you died today the world would be a better place.

I’m gonna go all Gene Ross on your ass right now. The cards say Whiteacre and TRPWL aren’t gonna stop until your pathetic stealing ass is no more. You do a tremendous dis-service to the real Non Profits out there trying to do good.

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