Shelley Lubben’s ‘best friend’ resigns Pink Cross board, takes to Facebook

Mar 25, 2014
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Shelley Lubben and her "servant" Melanie Davis Dzierba

Melanie Davis Dzierba warns potential donors to ‘pray intensely’ about the charities and ministries to whom they give their money

Just as anti-porn advocate Tania Fiolleau was making a public statement condemning the actions of Shelley Lubben the self-styled “Rebel Prophet”, Lubben’s former assistant, “best friend”, and “servant” took to Facebook to make her first public statement about her departure from Lubben’s sham nonprofit.

Shelley Lubben and ex-best friend/{Pink Cross board member Melanie Davis Dzierba in happer times

Shelley Lubben and Melanie Davis Dzierba in happier times

In the latest blow to Lubben’s scandal-plagued anti-porn group, Melanie Davis Dzierba wrote:

Hey friends : ) 

After MUCH prayer and soul searching I am stepping away from FB for a while. I officially resigned from Pink Cross Foundation over a year ago but as my friends, family and therapists can account for, it’s the emotionally heartbreaking gift that keeps on giving! The ongoing drama and denials and unsubmission from a cause I gave my life to is more than I need to be subjecting myself to anymore. 

When or if I return to FB, I will have to delete everything that is Pink Cross related and go back to a smaller setting with friends and family. The people who love me and who are surrounding me are insisting on it as they see the trauma this experience has left me with. Please open your eyes and keep them on Jesus. Pray intensely about the charities and ministries you give your money to. 

I’ll be deleting my account in the next day or two. My heart is sad and heavy about this but I know it’s time and the right thing to do. God bless each one of you! I love you all.


Tania Fiolleau noted on her Facebook page that Melanie claimed she had to resign from the board of Pink Cross Foundation “due to witnessing Shelley Lubben abuse women (including herself) drink excessively, take prescription medication, go in and out of rehab and more. She has shared with me personally that she could no longer work with Pink Cross because of all of the fraudulent activity and bald face double life Shelley lives, which is much of the same as what I’ve witnessed myself. She wanted no part of it.

Shelley Lubben and her "servant" Melanie Davis Dzierba

Shelley Lubben with her “servant” Melanie Davis Dzierba

TRPWL has been aware of many of the details of Dzierba’s departure for more than a year.

One ex-porn star who fled Pink Cross recalls sitting in the park with Dzierba, watching her cry about everything she had seen Shelley do, and “exhausted from covering for her.”

Dzierba resigned from Pink Cross Foundation in January 2013, and maintains she was barely involved with the group since mid-2012. The last time we spotted her with Lubben was at the June 2012 Porn Stars For Puppies event in Los Angeles, at which Lubben’s participation was protested by adult performers.

At one point, in the summer of 2013 Dzierba assured both Fiolleau and Lubben’s brother, Chris Moore, that she would go public “soon.”

I’m very aware of the gravity of my voice and intend to use it,” Dzierba is reported to have said.

According to Dzierba at that time, her local pastor in Bakersfield supported the idea of her coming forward with the reasons behind her departure.

Reportedly, Shelley Lubben threw a major shit fit when Dzierba left, prompting Mel to send her an email detailing every wrong, and every dirty deed committed by the Lubbens for which they needed to atone and make right.

Naturally, the Lubbens took this as a threat of exposure for their wrongdoing. Reports out of Bakersfield placed both Shelley and Garrett Lubben in front of the Dzierbas’ nearby home, demanding entry to convince the couple to keep quiet.

As Fiolleau recounted last week: 

Melanie has shared with me that after she quit and threatened to go public that Shelley Lubben came to her home DRUNK and violently throwing things around in her living room, and [Shelley] and Garrett were both intimidating her to the point that she had to move. They were so fearful of her coming public.

Sources in Bakersfield maintain that Shelley had come to Melanie’s home in a histrionic fit, throwing every gift Melanie had ever given her in her face and acting like an out of control loon.

Shelley reportedly returned another night that week, pounding on the Dzierbas’ door and demanding to be let in. Suspecting that she was a drunken mess again, the Dzierbas refused to answer the door.

“Shelley and Garrett terrorized them,” a Bakersfield source tells TRPWL.

Reportedly, Garrett Lubben put on his big boy pants and pounded on the Dzierbas’ door during another unannounced visit to the Dzierbas’ home that summer. He shouted scripture through their locked door, and demanded that the Dzierbas come to the Lubbens’ home to meet with the stooges that the Lubbens had installed on Pink Cross board of directors.

Mel’s husband Steve reportedly declined and told Garrett Lubben that if either he or Shelley returned, he would call the police.

Facing this extreme stress, and possibly after being warned by the Lubbens that they were willing to drag the couple down with them if Melanie exposed them, the Dzierbas sought the advice of a second pastor. This one, from Dallas, Texas, had been Mel’s pastor since she was 19, and had counseled her to not move to Bakersfield to serve the Lubbens years ago.

Following his advice, Melanie decided against making a full public disclosure.

One Lubben insider told TRPWL at the time, “She did everything she could to not have to come forward.”

While Melanie Dzierba’s recent Facebook post offers a tantalizing glimpse of the horrors associated with fleeing the Pink Cross, the world will have to wait a little longer to hear all Melanie’s secrets about the House of Lubben.

Banditas: Melanie Davis Dzierba and Shelley Lubben



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[…] When or if I return to FB, I will have to delete everything that is Pink Cross related and go back to a smaller setting with friends and family. The people who love me and who are surrounding me are insisting on it as they see the trauma this experience has …read more     […]

Ernest Greene
Ernest Greene
10 years ago

Another sad case of PTSD – Post Traumatic Shelley Disorder. If I believed in divine retribution, which I don’t, I’d suspect the Lubbens are due some any minute. As it is, they’ll still have to deal with the earthly consequences once the full dimensions of their scamming become public, which they inevitably will.

My, doesn’t this leave AHF and every other anti-porn group and mainstream media company that’s used Lubben as an “expert” in an awkward position? I think it’s known as head-up-the-ass.


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[…] there were the many defections – April Garris, Michelle Avanti, Savannah Jane, Lubben’s own best friend, among many others — all painting the same horrible picture of an out of control egotist with […]


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