Shy Love, The Pornstar Guardian Angel LMAO

Aug 19, 2012
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By now I’m pretty sure most are aware of the syphilis outbreak that went public last week. Of course this couldn’t come at a worse time. With AHF breathing down the industry’s back and a vote coming up you would think that this outbreak would have been handled a little differently. I mean after all, Shy Love is about protecting the talent.

I really love this tweet right here. It’s the reason why im writing this blog. I mean we all know I hate porn. You can tell by my blog and how I got into this that I’m anti porn. But what’s even better is this chick has never been about talent. She’s about the dollar.

Last year this time we had a false positive that caused a couple days shutdown. Of course, that guy had a connect to Shy. And before all the dust cleared, before everyone knew the full story, who was one of the agents who wanted to go back to work first? Well, it was The Guardian Angel herself.

She was pretty sure that everything was ok, and just like that she was ready to get her clients back in the mix. Ahh what’s one little pesky HIV case when there’s money to be made, right?

So here we are. A new outbreak, this time its syphilis. Who’s right there in the mix? Shy Love. But since she’s the best-friend a porner could ever have, she took the bull by the horns and issued the best outbreak press release ever seen. So good in fact that it made her look like a superhero. Look up int he sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane…no it’s Shy Love here to save the day.

The press release is a work of art. It’s full of not my faults and how dare you book behind my back type of shyt. Read between the lines and it’s plain as fucking day. She’s more upset at the fact she missed out on a commission than she is at the altered test.

Shy, if you were so worried about the talent your presser would have said something like this:

One of ATM’s models has tested positive for syphilis. While a positive test isn’t a huge issue, he may have shot with other talent, while positive. ATM would never knowingly book someone with a positive test, but it is not outside the realm for some talent to book on their own. Because of this, ATM has decided to shut down all shoots until we get a better understanding of the situation. If you have shot with ANY of our talent, please contact us.

Pretty simple, to the point…not great, but then I’m just a guy who hates porn and can’t spell.

She would never kill her roster bookings in a effort to keep something from getting out of hand. She stands to lose too much money. So what does she do? She puts out that stupid information about firing him, about him booking behind her back, and about doctoring tests. It doesn’t mention his name, but makes it so obvious that I figured it out in four minutes.

Of course most people don’t think the way I do, so they panicked. They speculated who it could be, bothered me all night long asking for names. Some were asking out of pure nosiness and others out of fear. What’s really funny is, I had girls from ATM reach out to me. Why? I would think Shy and Hay would at least have the rosters under control. The answer is simple. Her own talent doesn’t trust her.

So here’s the Guardian Angel of porn causing a fucking shyt storm with her bullshyt presser, creating more of an issue then there needs to be and adding more fuel to the Anti’s porn bon-fire.

This crap has been the talk of twitter for 96 hours straight. It’s caused girls to publicly question every aspect of the testing. Seven girls have tweeted they are done and people are beginning to look cross ways at male talent. But the good thing is this isn’t Shy’s fault, or as she said so elegantly on twitter:

Shy, it is your problem. Just because you “fired” him doesn’t mean the problem went away.

The sad thing is, the guy who fucked with his test is [or was] a Hall Of Fame performer who’s been in the biz for like 20 years. He has shot for the best companies and is a household name.

While some question his attitude, it doesn’t take away from his accomplishments in the adult industry. Now, he’s the Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens of porn. All he’s gonna be remembered for is his doctored tests.

Has it gotten so bad that veteran performers have to resort to changing tests for three booking fees?

The bottom line on this is Super Hero Shy Love went about this the wrong way. She let her ego get in the way of what was BEST for the biz. And now the industry as a whole will suffer even more at the hands of AHF.

Question: Why the need for interview in the first place? Would it have been faster to just send out a blurb to all news sites? Takes what, 10 minutes to type it then another 10 to email like 20 news agencies. Was it really even a interview? Or were you guys trying to be 100% on which version was going public?

See, I heard a slightly different version to your story. One that makes you look even worse. Am I gonna post it? Not today.

And as if it couldn’t get any worse for Shy, check out her new BFF:

That’s Shy thanking Monica Foster – the person who called Shy a madam and her whole roster hookers on Foster’s website. Kinda says a lot, huh?

Gotta go for now. I think this week will entertaining…

The anti porn thing was a joke. Lol. You have to know the history of TRPWL to understand.

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10 years ago

Too bad is used for Baba Booey. Anyone know if is available.

I’ll hold off any other comments until I read the next chapters in this series. I figure this will open the flood gates and your inbox will be filled with stories of every shady thing her and her over inflated tits ever did.

Anthony Kennerson
Anthony Kennerson
10 years ago

Of course, if you happen to point out the fact that Shy Love and ATM were more concerned about losing their fees about protecting the health of their star performers, you are then railed against by certain bloggers as an “idiot” and a “moron” who shouldn’t “get into business you don’t know”. ATM should have, the MOMENT they receieved that positive test, immediately informed the performer and alerted him to seek treatment and stopped shooting, and then quietly alerted other producers of the test. I mean, they certainly alerted the LACDPHS, now didn’t they?? If Shy and TTS weren’t so… Read more »

Michael Whiteacre
Michael Whiteacre
10 years ago

You are correct right down the line, Anthony.

Fake Mike South
Fake Mike South
10 years ago

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? I haven’t eaten woodchuck in a long time. Maybe I’ll go fix me some.

10 years ago

it would chuck as much wood as it could. but it can’t chuck norris.

10 years ago

Best thing that could happen is Shy and Coco Loco become but buddies. I put the over/under at 17 days before Coco flips the script and goes for her throat, like she does with everything else.

@ Fake Mike South: yer favorite part is the woodchuck chittlins, aint it?

Fake Mike South
Fake Mike South
10 years ago
Reply to  Crunkleschwitz

Crunkleschwitz, the proper term is chitterlings. I wouldn’t except you to know that as your name sounds like that of a Hebrew.

First I fix the woodchuck chitterlings in hot water with some onions and paprika. Then we dump the chitterlings on the female during my Southern Bukkakes. After that I eat them.


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