The Cross Examination Of Katie Summers

Jun 25, 2013
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Using my award winning investigative talents I was unable to uncover the future cross examination of Katie Summers. I had to climb the Eiger were I found it buried next to something labeled sea scrolls, a small film canister that said CIA 1963, and the Iphone 7…


I have no way of verifying these future proceedings, I can only allow you to come to your own conclusions

For the purposes of this post, JSA= John Stagliano attorney, KS= Katie Summers, RS = Robert Starr who is Katies lawyer and RB= Rob Black

JSA: Please state your name for the record.
KS: Katie Summers

JSA: No, Your legal name.
KS: my name is Katie Summers, but my friends call me Katherine

JSA: So your saying your legal last name is Summers?
KS:What do you mean legal?

JSA: Lets just move on, Whats your occupation?
KS: Im a star

JSA: By star what do you mean?
KS: Im everywhere like Tom Cruise

JSA: How did you achieve this Tom Cruise level of stardom?
KS: I plead the 5th

JSA: Um Katie, this is a civil proceeding, you cant plead the 5th.
KS: My Lawyer Rob Black I mean Robert Starr said i could..

RS:Objection your honor I never told her that
KS: Who are you?
RS: Im your lawyer Katie
KS: Says who?

RS: Your honor I quit

Judge: Lets move on please, Katie I advise you to get a lawyer before you answer anymore questions

KS: Who are you?
Judge: Im the Judge. Are you familiar with a 5150?
KS: Yes that equals 101
RB: Your honor ill represent her
Judge: Who are you?
RB: Im Rob Black, I have a blog radio show, And I hate everyone.
Judge: Do you have a law license?
RB: No, but i have a medical marijuana card and a blogtalk radio show
Judge: Miss Summers, do you have a issue with Mr Black helping you?
RB: Objection your honor, did I tell you I have a blogtalk radio show?
KS: Yes that’s fine your honor, I love him and hes gonna make me even more of a star

Proceed JSA
JSA: Miss Summers, you started shooting adult content in 2010 right?
KS: Yes
JSA: Since that time is it safe to say you’ve shot at least 200 times?
KS: yes at least that
JSA: And the Stagliano shoot that is the basis for this suit was one of your first?
KS: Yes
JSA: After shooting that scene, did anyone tell you they wouldn’t work with you because you shot with Evil Angel and more specifically John Stagliano?
JSA: In fact you shot over 10 times for Evil Angel is that correct?
KS: Yes
RB: Objection your honor, don’t forget to listen to my radio show at 3pm
Judge: Overruled

JSA: Miss Summers, spending so much time on the Evil Angel sets, did you ever hear anyone talk about Mr Stagliano’s HIV status?
KS: I plead the 5th
JSA: If someone testified to speaking with you on a Evil Angel set about John Stagliano’s HIV status would they be lying?
KS: I plead the 5th
JSA: Your honor, can you please let her know she can’t plead the 5th.
Judge: This whole thing is a joke, let her do what she wants
RB: I object for Tom Byron, he couldn’t be here today, we only had enough bus fare for me and Katie..

JSA: Miss Summers have you ever discussed Mr.Stagliano’s HIV status with a friend?
KS: I plead the the 5th
JSA: Have you ever contracted a STD?
KS: I plead the 5th
RB: Objection your honor, make her answer that, and don’t forget to listen to my blog radio show

JSA: Miss Summers, do you have a STD now?
KS: I cant believe this isn’t butter
RB: I know right, I love you Jessie Ro I mean Katie Summers
RB: Objection your honor id like “my love for Jessie Ro” stricken from the record
Judge: sustained, Katie please disregard Mr. Blacks confessed love for someone other then the you.
KS: I knew you only loved me
Judge: Someone shoot Rob Black please

JSA: Miss Summers, you were a strong supporter of the Vote No On Measure B issue correct?
KS: I like flowers.
JSA: In fact, on the worlds best porn blog TRPWL there are pictures of you wearing Vote No tees, beautiful tees I might add??
KS: that’s not me, its my stunt double
JSA: You have a stunt double?
KS: I got her just in case I was cast in Double-Mint commercial
JSA: So that’s not you in the pics?
RB: Objection your honor, I want to fight Brooklyn Lee
KS: I plead the 5th

JSA: So did you worked pretty steady up until you left Foxx Modeling?
KS: I believe in leprechauns

JSA: Is it true Foxx modeling had you booked for a gang-bang and Rob Black told you you couldn’t go?
KS: Is sickle cell contagious ?
JSA: Shortly after that, is it true you left Foxx Modeling and joined Rob Blacks short lived management company?
RB: Objection your honor, I think the term “short lived” is kinda of harsh
KS: Yes dammit, I love Rob Black

JSA: And after signing to Rob Blacks company did your bookings start to decline?

KS: No the only issue was I wasn’t getting as much work
JSA: Do you escort?
KS: No
JSA: So you’ve never went on dates with men for money?
KS: Oh dates for money, yea Ive done that.
RB: Objection your honor, isn’t Mark Spiegler the best?

JSA: Have you ever escorted and not used a condom?
KS: I plead the 5th
JSA: Is it true that if the client provided a clean test you would not require a condom?
KS: I plead the 5th and frogs sound weird
RB: Objection your honor, I made her stop escorting for the most part. i only allow her to see one client now

JSA: So Miss Summers, your shooting condom only now, but will escort with clean tested clients?
KS: Once when I was a little girl I had a puppy

JSA: If you had a STD would you inform your clients they were at risk if they decided to go bareback?
KS: I watch the Kardashians

JSA: Are you on any medications?
RB: Objection your honor, that story about Brooklyn Lee almost kicking my ass at AEE is a lie
KS: Does that mean I don’t have to answer?
Judge: Please answer to the best of your ability
KS: You are not the father
Judge: Someone please shoot Rob Black

JSA: Miss Summers, One could say your career was going quite well up until you signed with Rob Black. IS that a accurate statement?
KS: Stop lying about me, just because i was working alot until signing with Rob Black means nothing, its John Stagliano’s fault, i plead the 5th..
RB: Objection your honor, I try not to let my jealous issues get in the way when people wanna book her

JSA: Miss Summers, maybe you should be suing Rob Black for ruining whats left of your career not John Stagliano. Did Rob Black talk you into this?

Gunshots ring out, Rob Black is down, as Rob lays there, the court reporter records his last words, I have a blog radio show dammit, im famo…… Tom Byron is spotted getting on a bus with a rifle, and Katie runs from the building screaming im free im free..

To Be continued

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10 years ago

That right there is quality entertainment, folks.

I lol’d at the “short lived is kinda harsh” objection. It would be a fun study to figure out how many scenes they actually booked for whores during the agency’s brief life span.

Whore gonna need a gang bang by the time the trails over, just to try and fuck her brains back in. I hear that can only be accomplished via the anus.

Tony Batman
10 years ago

First off….. OMG and Secondly …… LOL and on another note….. If you anyone but John and Karen Stagliano, who I like as people…..

this whole thing is very entertaining…. Must be I am on a competing news site reading fake gossip…. Bravo people bravo… or did I say LOL?

Michael Whiteacre
10 years ago
Reply to  Tony Batman

Glad to see you here, Tony. I hope you get out to LA again soon.

Tony Batman
10 years ago

I retract all my statements and misspellings until I’ve had my first cup of coffee, it does not count, no really… read my site… LOL


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