TechCrunch Founder Publicly Accused Of Rape, Physical Abuse By Ex

Apr 8, 2013
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Silicon Valley kingmaker and TechCrunch blog founder Michael Arrington is facing allegations of rape and physical abuse after an ex-girlfriend came forward with public accusations on Facebook.

Jenn Allen, who is herself a tech entrepreneur, wrote accusations last month that Arrington had physically and emotionally abused her during their eight year relationship and threatened to kill her if she told anyone. In a subsequent post on a news site, she claimed that Arrington had also sexually assaulted a friend.

Jenn Allen says she dated Michael Arrington, deemed one of the most influential men in Silicon Valley, for eight years. She is accusing him of rape and physical abuse.

Jenn Allen says she dated Michael Arrington, deemed one of the most influential men in Silicon Valley, for eight years. She is accusing him of rape and physical abuse.

After Ms Allen’s accusations became public, news sites reported another allegation against Arrington – that he threw an ex-girlfriend against her bed in 1999.

Arrington, who has been named one of the most powerful people in the Internet, has not responded to the allegations and he could not be reached for comment by MailOnline.


The claims were never reported to police. Friends and witnesses have come forward with contradicting stories about the incidents in question. One of the alleged victims also appears to deny that Arrington abused her.

Other ex-girlfriends have come forward to report that Arrington never abused them, reports TechCrunch, the blog Arrington founded in 2005.

Arrington sold TechCruch to AOL in 2011 for $25million and is no longer is charge of editorial content.

The controversy began on March 29 when Ms Allen posted to her 4,700 followers: ‘I loved Michael Arrington for 8+ years starting when i implemented Eurekster search at the time on Techcrunch in 2006 and throughout the years.

‘I didn’t know he cheated on me multiple times, then tells people it was me immediately after he did it.

‘It hurts when you love someone borderline and they can’t feel anything at all for you, and threaten to murder you if you told anyone about the physical abuse – all for keeping his reputation. The emotional abuse was equally bad.’

Allen is the CEO of, a website the connects artists with people buying art. In 2010, she accepted an award from for the ‘Sexiest Female Entrepreneur.’

When the news site Gawker reported on the allegations, a user later confirmed to be Ms Allen commented: ‘His lies, abuse, threats and what he did to a friend of mine 5 months ago was unforgivable as well. He raped her, and she told me in person he called her to confirm he did it after the fact.

‘I’ll leave it up to her if she ever wants to report it or say anything. This madness needs to stop, or he needs to start controlling his rage and rape “disorder.”‘

Ms Allen’s accusations led to reports of two other incidents with his ex-girlfriends that span nearly 15 years.

TechCrunch wrote: ‘Rumors of similar alleged abuse have circulated in previous years amongst our peers. Many tech reporters have investigated them, but no stories had been published until those based on Allen’s posts this week.’

One new allegation surfaced last week from the former human resources manger of RealNames, a start-up company where Arrington worked starting in 1997.

Cecile DeSmet Sharp told Gawker she handled a complaint from an employee who said Arrington has attacked her in her hotel room in 1999 while the two were traveling for a conference.

‘I believe he threw her onto the bed. And she started kicking and he held her down really hard,’ Ms Sharp said.

Ms Sharp said the incident was ‘swept under the rug’ by the company because Arrington was friends and business partners with the CEO.

‘I was essentially told to look the other way,’ Ms Sharp said.

However, Keith Teire, who ran RealNames until it went under, told TechCrunch that he ordered a full investigation of the incident by an outside firm.

‘As is normal in these circumstances an outside party was hired to conduct an investigation. This was extensive and I was never directly involved in it as I was not a witness to any events. The investigation concluded that there was no behavior to answer for. Mike was never reprimanded in any way,’ he said.


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