The Lies Run Deep With Mike South & Shy Love: Blumberg v Schechter Set For Oct 27th

Oct 3, 2015
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Shy Love and Mike South… if you cant trust them who can you trust? First Shy Love lies about not coming back to perform, then, her lawyer files a motion for attorneys fees, a motion that won’t even be heard until December.

She wants press but needs a moron to spin it her way. Who’s the moron she calls? Mike South.


In his latest Shy Love PR, this fucking retard South writes, “Im [sic] not sure how AVN could have gotten their article on this more wrong.” LOL I know how South got it wrong. He writes whatever Shy tells him to.

The real story is a little more complex. Shy’s original filing against Mark Schechter, Barrett Blade and others, Blumberg v Schechter, is set for a court ordered settlement conference later this month, with a trial date scheduled for sometime in March 2016.

This motion for costs comes from Schechter’s cross complaint. What Shy did was combine a page of the motion with the last page of the order.

These documents aren’t even available online. This means that South got his info straight from Shy, the same Shy who wanted this case kept out of the news spectrum..LOL

Legal 101

You can write anything you want in a motion. Case in point, Monica Foster’s bizarre filings in the Randazza case. What makes a motion final/legally binding is when THE JUDGE signs it. After that it’s entered into the record. Had Shy truly won, she would have proudly displayed the order with the Judge’s signature instead of a redacted version…

The Lies Run Deep With Mike South & Shy Love: Blumberg v Schechter Set For Oct 27th

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 10.58.41 AM


Of course South’s spin on his headline will be, I was talking about the OTHER lawsuit, but we know what they were trying to do…

Shy, I hope your Girl/Girl shoot turns out better then this horrible lie.


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8 years ago

Girl/girl scene? I hope Shy dont think the other broad’s clit is a baby carrot and starts chompin away w/ them horse teeth. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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