The Newest Threat Or So Gene Ross Says

Dec 14, 2011
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Escort Monica Foster

Once again, the idiot and his cards don’t know shyt. First, this site has been on our radar for a while now. Second, I’ve been in contact with the owner and his exact words to me earlier today were he was shying away from a lot of the porn talent to concentrate on another avenue for his site.

Even when he was online, the site was nothing like PWL. It was a wiki, using factual info, and yes names, but names that were found on sites like IAFD. There were was no name calling or anything like the old pwl.

The site they have up now is way less then they had a few weeks ago, it’s a shell of what it once was. So, all of you looking to make something of nothing are wrong once again…

Of course, if it goes wrong and they do go back on their word, y’all ask Gene Ross to help you…cause I’m only battling for a few names – the people that have been down with TRPWL since day one. The rest of you wishy washy ass mutherfukers can kiss my ass…

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12 years ago

Where in the world did you find a pic of Monica in a straitjacket? I didn’t recall her ever doing kinky porn.

12 years ago

Gene Ross isn’t worth his weight in used enema water. Tarot cards are for dipshit broads, same as the Psychic Friends Network, Dave Matthews Band, and cuddling.

12 years ago

Gene Ross is a washed-up,never -was, who wakes up in his own vomit every morning.

12 years ago

i wouldn’t be surprised if people spend as much on psychic readings and astrology crap as they do on porn. i don’t believe all paranormal stuff is bogus, though. the problem is the wackos and grand standers who claim to represent it. they make is difficult for sensible people to take any of it seriously. anyone who is truly gifted wouldn’t be wasting their time on such trivialities in the first place. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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