Thoughts Over My Cardio: Vol 1 #VinnieONeill #XBIZ #AlexHarper #ColinRowntree

Mar 5, 2021
Adult Business
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Back in the day I used to wrap up the weeks porn idiocy with one post. I’d write it while riding a bike at GOLDS. I now use an elliptical, so this will be after the fact. All you CNN fact checkers, this is all stuff I thought about over a 45 min period this morning.

All week long, myself along with my crack research department collect porn data, we analyze it and decide what gets a post and what doesn’t. Sometimes there’s great stuff that gets lost in 19,865 TBs of dumbshit that happens in porn.

Clarification, by “crack”, I don’t mean the stuff that some of you smoke, I mean like this, “He has finally cracked the code after years of painstaking research.

Also, my research department is partially funded by BIPOC Collective Micro Grants, which means, TRPWL has been official spokes/man/person/cis/he/she/binary/men shouldn’t play women sports/non trans/nongay/ blog of Sinnamon Love and her cell bill.

So lets start with Vinnie O’Neill. Most of you don’t know this guy, he had sex with Lasha Lane, harasses women to do content, regularly beats up women in wrestling matches, and once claimed that Stone Cold Steve Austin stole the “Stevewieser” name, which he claims used to be the “‘Vinniewieser.”  Every year when any type of awards are announced, he gets angry because there’s no category for a BHM, Big Handsome Male.

After 2 years, I’d think you’d get the hint, no one cares about a “BHM” or Vinnie, this is porn, 95% of the straight consumers only care about the women, a guy running a clipstore calling himself handsome isn’t gonna be worth the 48 seconds it would take to add it to a website. There’s only 1 guy who can openly call himself handsome and get away with it..

He banged the cable lady and stole a shit ton of gold, you wrestled chicks.

Speaking of chicks, anyone know what this is?

No one knows. They have spell check, someone needs to add photo check, like a redline that pops up and says, this is fucked up. It’s like a paint by numbers thing.  Masked fans, a heavily tattooed fake Rock taking a pic, and some little kids floating in the sky. Not sure if the masked guy is a Star Wars thing, or Lacy thinks she’s so popular that aliens come to look at her. Some of you are laughing right now, but those that know her, are thinking the same thing.

More great Lacy stuff:

Lacy thinks Hollywood is real. Hey Lacy, Chris Evans wasn’t in the Army before becoming Captain America, Gal Gadot doesn’t have an invisible plane, and Planet of the Apes isn’t based on a true story.

Can anyone decipher this?

Somewhere out there a drugged up Alex Harper is wishing death on more people, and going full Tasha Reign and claiming everyone raped her.

How Long Is “WOKE” XBIZ Gonna Keep Porn Drunk Colin Rowntree Around?

Not sure If I’ve ever mentioned this before, but I hate Colin. I think of him as one of those bitter old ugly dudes who hangs out in porn for no other reason that to see a girl naked. He has no redeeming qualities, and is probably one drink away form being METOO’d.  Every morning he wakes up, knocks over a few bottles, looks over at his picture of the brothers Helmy, grabs a sock, and rubs one out.

The only thing Colin Rowntree has, is XBIZ.  You see,  Colin is a XBIZ Ambassador. A title, that he holds in high regard.  To Colin, that ambassador card is as important to him, as scoring 4 TD’s in one game was to Al Bundy.

Colin hangs spends every waking hour on the forum, usually spewing hate towards women. Let me be clear, drunk Colin doesn’t offend me, he’s the guy who used to have his lunch money stolen by younger kids, so I sort of feel bad for him. However, the commies over at XBIZ have gone out of their way to appease the woke side of porn, going as far as to try and eliminate any sort of words that could be defined as race play. And that’s their prerogative, its there site, the same way Instagram getting rid of people who try and hook thru DMs is theirs.

The latest from drunk Colin is saying Permanent APAC President Alana Evans is the next Shelly Lubben.

Colin was either too drunk to remember, or is just too stupid to remember, how dangerous Lubben was. She made a living out of publishing everything that was negative about porn, had a huge platform with a shit ton of money backing her, and if it wasn’t for Whiteacre, she would of went unchecked and her impact would of been far more severe.

Shelly garnered millions of views on her website and YouTube with click bait like, “Average life expectancy of a porn star is 36.2 years” and people ate this shit up. Forget she had absolutely no stats to back this up. Fuck, the average age of APAC and BIPOC is 108.

The fact that Colin could even connect the two boggles my mind. But this is Colin, and another example of the bullshit he spews, with XBIZ blessings. I’m no fan of the union, and yes, they interject themselves into headline stuff, but that’s not to much different than what XBIZ reporters do. Let them tell it, all the sudden mainstream media is against porn. Even though that’s been the fucking case since the beginning of time. But, people are stupid, and will cuddle with someone based on article, so I see why XBIZ is going that route. Even though, it’s NOT news, its the same OLD news with a James Bartholet spin.

I know, Lacy is gonna have me canceled, sort of  like some studios are starting to do to her. But that’s a story for another cardio session.

I’m also going to use this post to promote a YouTube music vid, one song from my cardio playlist

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1 year ago

Please more about Lacy Lennon. This whole story was amazing.

Trump is King
Trump is King
1 year ago

Fatman needs to pay his models. Banging them for free in exchange of footage is exploitation. It’s illegal for anyone to work for free in USA.

Lacy Sux
Lacy Sux
1 year ago

Lacy is one of the biggest c-words in porn. Find it hard to believe that it took this long for you guys to call her out. But since i see Spieglers banner on here, i guess that’s why

1 year ago

That BHM category is pointless. Minion should win that in perpetuity for his cinematic achievements.

That xbiz guy spews a lot of hate towards women? Wonder what his xpt screen name was.

Dakota’s twitter is annoying. Gotta sift through tons of auto tweets announcing someone re newed a subscription to try and find any crazy. Not worth the effort.

Last 2 times i was on twitter, i wound up unfollowing a bunch of people. Completely sick of politics, the lack of nude pics and pro wrestlers i was a fan of pretending the current product isnt awful. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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