APAC’s Tasha Reign Falsely Accuses Mr. Marcus Of Having HIV

Nov 17, 2017
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This was covered by both Kelli and India already, but, I can’t sit by while a person who’s supposed to be a so called leader, APAC’s Chairperson, makes unsubstantiated accusations against any performer.

Last night, Tasha not only accused Mr. Marcus of having HIV, but added that he kept shooting knowing he has it:


These tweets were made by someone who’s supposed to lead, Instead, she took the low road and just made shit up..

Wasn’t it APAC, along with FSC, who wanted to lessen the “stigma” associated with HIV by supporting a law that lessens the punishment for people who knowingly have sex with others without informing them of their status?   I guess making up a story about someone having HIV is a great way to lessen that stigma…

If I was a performer, I certainly wouldn’t trust that any info I had given APAC would be keep secret,  never know when someone may get drunk or mad and put that info on a twitter account with a couple hundred thousand followers…But TRPWL, we haven’t shared anything with APAC?  It would appear random performer, that at least as far as APAC Chair Tasha Reign is concerned, info will just get made it up as she goes along .

Mr. Marcus doesn’t have HIV, and he’s a pretty fucking cool dude, so fuck Tasha..

Tasha needs to resign, or be removed, and APAC needs to formally and publicly apologize to Mr. Marcus..



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