Tori Black Domestic Violence Arrest in BABY FORMULA Brawl!

Jan 24, 2012
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Award-winning porn star Tori Black and her baby daddy were arrested for domestic battery in Las Vegas after the couple got into a drunken brawl over their infant’s baby formula. Eat your heart out Jerry Springer.

Officers responded to a domestic dispute call at Tori’s Hard Rock Hotel room early Friday morning. According to the police report, Tori — real name xxxxxxxxx — told cops she had been drinking before she got back to the room where her fiance, Lyndell Anderson, and their 5-month old son were waiting.

The report states Tori and Lyndell started arguing because, as Tori told police … Lyndell didn’t have “enough breast milk” to feed the baby.

The two-time AVN Performer of the Year then claims Lyndell called her an “unfit mother” … and that’s when things got physical. In the report, police say Tori admitting punching Lyndell in the back of the head, but also claimed he shoved her into a wall.

According to the report, police reviewed the hotel security tape of the hallway outside the couple’s room and saw Lyndell push Tori “with such violent force that she flies across the hall.” Police say she had bruises on her arms.

Lyndell and Tori were both arrested and booked for domestic battery.

Sources tell us Tori’s friends first suspected trouble when she missed a hosting gig at RPM Nightclub Friday night. Tori — along with her fiance and BABY — were primarily in Vegas for the AVNs where she was a nominee … but did not win.

Source TMZ

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11 years ago

Way the story reads, formula gots nuffin to do wit it. TITTY MILK!!!! It was dirty titty milk tainted w/booze and god knows what. Can’t give that shit to a baby, gotta sit on the edge of the tub and milk that shit so it goes down the drain where it won’t hurt nobody.

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