Totally Sober Dakota Skye Quits “This Fucked Up Industry”

May 6, 2020
Adult Business
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Dakota Skye has retried from porn, again.  Engaged for the 400th time, she told me via text she as done, then took to twitter to let the world know:

Dakota needs to get with TTS and CET, she got the hook up on covid tests…

I’ll leave this right here

Dakota bought a house and is having a baby……

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Jake Petty
1 year ago

I would really like to know the truth about Dakota Skye. It’s just one catastrophe after another. I’m sure she has been advised against getting too many tattoos, wasting her money,doing way too much anal and trading in her boyfriends every month or so, but she won’t listen. As far as a life plan, she has none and has never thought beyond the next month. She has the idea that she can stay in the business indefinitely. All you have to do is look at some of the successful stars who did really well and then went on to some… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  Jake Petty

Her privates were amazing for the anal sex fan…

1 year ago
Reply to  Jackinoff

How many roses?

1 year ago
Reply to  Jake Petty

Her demise is only rivaled by Holly Hendrix. Dakota could of been a top 10 performer..Instead, she’s an OD waiting to happen At some point she well be patient zero in an HIV shutdown,,,

Jake Petty
1 year ago
Reply to  TRPWL

Yeah and it looks like she as gone missing in action again. The most recent posts appear to be just the same old canned stuff about new subscribers and renewals. Nothing appears to have been actually posted by DS. It’s been about 5 days since she “seemed to appear” on Twitter. I wonder if she didn’t run off somewhere and get married or maybe she’s in rehab or jail.

Jake Petty
1 month ago

I wish her death on June 9th could have been prevented. My sympathy goes out to her family and those close to her. I know she was my fantasy woman, but even so she was a human being like the rest of us and should have lived a much longer and fruitful life. Rest in Peace Dakota.

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