Why should Trey Burke have to apologize for taking nude pictures of himself?

Oct 5, 2014
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Perhaps I’m missing something here.

Actually, I know I’m missing something here. By choice I’m working without a working knowledge of what Utah Jazz guard Trey Burke looks like without his clothes on, which is not something I can say for dozens of other athletes I’ve been around in various states of undress while working in NBA locker rooms. Burke’s reason for disrobing wasn’t to change back into his everyday clothes following a Jazz game, in this instance, as apparently he took nude photos of himself and sent them to someone who apparently appreciated receiving those sorts of photos via phone.


As, you may have heard, thousands if not millions of people do.

(I understand that feigning ignorance before lecturing an audience is a common sportswriter trope, but this genuinely does baffle me.)

Unless there’s something we’ve yet to learn, Burke wasn’t sending unsolicited photos to someone. He wasn’t harassing someone who wanted nothing to do with pictures like these. If it turns out that Burke was harassing a second party in texting the intended against their wishes, we’ll be the first in line to characterize the person who received and then released the photos as a victim in this case. Guys, if they don’t want it, don’t do that.

If Burke did share these photos with someone who was into that, and they decided (after, presumably, a relationship’s end) to leak them, then why are we getting statements from Burke like this:

“Publicly, I want to first and foremost apologize to my family [and] apologize to the Miller family, as well as my teammates,” he said. “We already talked about it in the locker room. From this day forward, it won’t happen again. They were old pictures. They were meant to be kept private but they weren’t. So from this day forward my actions and my judgments will be much better.”

And this:

“We were made aware of the situation this morning,” general manager Dennis Lindsey said. “We’ve collected a lot of the facts. We still have a few things to collect and a couple of people to visit with. It’s safe to say … that we are disappointed in what we’ve learned so far but we are going to move forward. At this point in time, we’re collecting facts and we’re going to reserve final judgment for a later date.”

Why is Trey Burke apologizing for having photos of his leaked onto the internet?

There’s been a rash of this recently, as you know, mainly centered on female celebrities having personal pictures of themselves (or, as it presumably is in Burke’s case, pictures sent to prospective or current partners) being stolen and posted to the internet for morons that apparently have a really tough time finding pictures of willingly naked ladies on the internet.

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Why should Trey Burke have to apologize for taking nude pictures of himself? | The Rob Black Website
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[…] Why should Trey Burke have to apologize for taking nude pictures of himself? […]

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