Amateur Hour: How the Adult Entertainment Business Turns Fans into Stars

May 22, 2014
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Though Porn Dan’s Fuck A Fan is at the forefront of fan porn, it’s part of a much wider trend

Amateur Hour: How the Adult Entertainment Business Turns Fans into Stars

‘Fuck A Fan’ has brought over 300 fans to porn shoots. Most of them filled out an application on the Immoral Productions website. All it takes is three photos (clothed!) and a standard performer panel STD test (that Immoral Productions pays for.)

Ever wondered what separates the average man from a male porn star?

Perhaps you’ve considered—once the lights were on hot and cameras were pointed in your direction—whether or not you could perform the way you usually would in bed. A new trend pervading the porn industry is giving men and women the opportunity see what happens when that fantasy meets reality. In the digital age, the new, most sought-after commodity in the porn industry has become “reality.” The demand is only growing.

Since the new millennium, file sharing and free video sites have forced media companies to reevaluate how they produce and deliver content. The porn industry is no exception. The Internet has caused the biggest downturn in profits that the business has ever faced. For performers, work is much harder to come by as studios have scaled back to shooting about 50 scenes per week instead of 200.

This increased competition in the marketplace has inspired some entrepreneurs and companies to dream up new strategies that make porn videos more alluring. One of those strategies is to invite fans to join in on the fun. Today, Fan Porn is one of the industry’s most successful genres. In 2014, if you’re bold enough, you could be the star of your new favorite porn video.

A scene from Public Disgrace, with Allie James (center) and Lorelei Lee (right)

A scene from’s ‘Public Disgrace’, featuring performers Allie James (center) and Lorelei Lee (right)

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7 years ago

Porno Dan is a god. Porno Dan is the greatest. A truly nice person.

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Thats an odd thing for you to say, since your bff donkey long shits all over him on the site you promote - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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