TRPWL Exclusive: Brooklyn Lee- A Bush Sporting Day Walker

Apr 25, 2012
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If I lived in South Park, Colorado, I would ask Eric Cartman to spare Brooklyn Lee from his day-walker hit list. She not only earned a 7 out of 10 on the TRPWL bush scale, but she is also pretty fucking smart. I know what you’re thinking: what if the smart day-walker breeds with another smart day-walker and creates a super smart sub species of day-walker? I try not to think about that, but if it happens I will take her out…

What was the thought process that made you go from stripping to porn?

The thought process was something to the effect of “Oh wait. You mean there’s no room for advancement in the world of stripping? Oh, ok. Let’s see what else I can do without having to read or sit in an office.” And so I moved to California.

You started with LA Direct. Why did you switch to Mark Spiegler?

Derek and I had our little conflicts from time-to-time. It eventually got to the point where we couldn’t speak without arguing. Shit hit the fan. He called me a lying bitch. I called him an incorrigible prick. He dropped me from the agency. Best thing he ever did for me. Derek and I are now cordial, but not having to do business together is definitely for the best. Mark Spiegler is awesome. Firm, yet fair. No drama. Always know what to expect from him. Keeps us in line without being and all-out evil overlord.

Has your family been supportive?

No more or less than they have been about any other life decisions I’ve made. My parents and I aren’t super close. I take their opinions with a relative grain of salt. Now my siblings, I love them dearly. They’re still a bit confused as to my career choice, but take my word for it when I say I’m happy, healthy and in control. LOL!

According to your Wiki you won like 7 awards this year. What means more, those awards or me following you on twitter.?

God, we newbies go nuts over those awards, huh? I’m obviously extremely grateful to have received each and every one of them. However, I now realize that the world does not revolve around lucite statues and wooden plaques. The awards are cool—it’s definitely nice to be recognized for your craft—but they haven’t changed a thing about who I am or what I’m about. My advice to new chicks is to not obsess about them and to not let them effect self-worth. Oh, you follow me on Twitter?

Whats your favorite thing about being in porn?

It’s a toss-up, man. I get to travel the world and am paid to explore my sexuality. I’ve seen places and experienced things that most people never will. It’s not always a walk in the park, but sometimes, man, it’s amazing. As Dana DeArmond says, “Part time job, doctor money!” Not too shabby.

When you do your taxes do you list yourself as a entertainer of porn-star?

I’m honestly not sure what I wrote down. I think I wrote ‘model.’ I bet the government is like, “Nawww dude. You ain’t no model. *Snicker snicker*”

Was your first DP before or after you started in porn?

Nope. My first DP was for John Stagliano’s Voracious project. Used to be my number one fantasy. And yes, it is an incredible feeling. If I’m being honest though, my favorite thing in the world is to just have “normal” sex with my (now ex) boyfriend. He knows my body so well. Fucked that one up. Go figure.

I noticed the makings of a good bush. How important is a bush to your happiness ? Will we see a full blown Bobbi Star bush one day?

I probably never would have grown it out if not for the biz. I was clean-shaven until I got into adult. Seeing other hot chicks with sexy bushes mad me wanna grow mine out too. Mine is extra-special because I’m a natural ginger with red body hair. It also smells like lollipops, or so I’ve heard. As for a full-blown Bobbi bush…unfortunately it’s impossible. We daywalkers aren’t the hairiest people. My bush is about as dense as it’s gonna get.

Who’s the weirdest but yet most likable porn girl you know?

We’re all fuckin’ weirdos, especially the Spiegler bunch. We all have our quirks and secrets. I would nominate myself, ‘cus I’m pretty fuckin’ weird…but as for being likable…not so much.

If you had to find Spiegler a date for AVN, Would you use, EHarmony, or

Definitely He likes animals wayyyyy more than he likes people. If he had to choose between saving the lives of all the Spiegler Girls and his beloved cat Alaska…well, that cat ain’t goin’ nowhere.

By now I’m sure your aware of the condom mandate, do you have a opinion on condoms being forced into your scenes?

I personally don’t enjoy using condoms in scenes. They’re simply not built for sport sex. I shot an anal scene with a condom once and there was some definite tearing going on. That pretty much never happens to me without them. Gives a lot of guys wood troubles, etc., etc. I know, I know. The rubber pushers argue that AIDS hurts more than condoms do. Correct, but I’m confident in our testing protocols. I’d be even more confident in them if we all tested twice a month (though some argue that the benefit of doing so is marginal, I do not understand this argument), and did so at Cutting Edge Testing (where they utilize the most sensitive tests available). The fact of the matter is, even with just the current protocols in place, I am more likely to be in a fatal car accident on the way to set than to meet an ill fate as a result of anything that happens on it. Trust me. I ran the statistics. [does not account for lighting equipment falling and crushing me, etc.]

Would you shoot with a untested male talent if he wore condoms?

Fuck no. The only way to maintain the integrity of a self-policed system is through absolute regularity. Starting that shit would open up a rotten can of worms.

If your job was to help prevent HIV from spreading were would you start?

I would start by subsidising testing, de-mystifying the process, and integrating testing into various aspects of health care. The average Joe is embarrassed to ask their doctor for an HIV test. Doctors should offer them by default, and not just to patients deemed “high-risk.” They should become as common as dental screenings. Fuck, why not even offer them at the dentist’s office? I’d even go so far as to get all socialist and make them mandatory yearly screenings…you know, otherwise you cant have a license or something.

Being a sex worker is it hard to have a serious dating relationship?

It’s only hard if you’re a fucking dick like me and don’t have a clue how to be in an relationship. I had a wonderful guy who supported me and loved me unconditionally, but I fucked that up. I’m just kind of working on myself right now and holding onto the hope that he’ll give me another chance…once I’ve earned it. I love him dearly and would literally chop off my leg if it would make him realize how sorry I am for being a shitbag. Maybe I should go all Van Gough and send him my ear in a box. On second thought…maybe not. Sigh. Mistakes of the youth.

Do you see yourself as a housewife one day? Kids 2 cars and the white picket fence?

Ummm…perhaps? If so, it’s a long way off. I refuse to have children until I feel I am in a position to be a model parent. When you have children before you’re ready, they end up loony, like me. I’m not looking to perpetuate any cycles. Doubt I’d ever have a use for 2 cars. I’ll probably never learn to drive.

What do you think the biggest problem facing porn is ?

Obviously piracy. The second sentence out of anyone who’s ever recognized me on the street is usually some sort of joke about how they don’t pay for porn. I sneer at them and immediately begin a 5 minute lecture. Pretty much the only people paying for shit anymore are Brazzers members and the cool dudes from

Have you ever read Ezekiel 25:17?

Probably at one point. All I can think of right now, though, is that fancy sprouted vegan bread of the same name. It tastes like sand paper.

Has anyone ever said “Tu tienes un buen culo” to you?

Nope. Not in that language. Wait, wouldn’t it be ‘bien’? Who knows. My Spanish is rusty. So is my English. I’m really smart. Spellcheck is the new high school.

What song can you play over and over and not get tired of it?

I go though phases. Right now I’m digging Gotye – Somebody That I Used to Know, The Wanted – Glad You Came, and Goodwill & Hook N Sling – Take You Higher. I like lame dance-y music. I also like Selena Gomez.

Redsox or Angles?


Have you ever smoked pot with Johnny Hopkins and Sloan Kettering?

No sir. I haven’t smoked pot since 2007. It makes me equal parts philosophical and depressed. That ain’t a pretty combo. I’m not sure who those folks are, by the way.

Are you gonna launch a paysite? Or stick with the free one?

Naaaaw. Why bother? I think I kinda missed the boat on big money from pay sites. I could be wrong, but it seems like more work than it’s worth these days. I don’t like to work. I’ll stick to my little free site. I really just made it so I could show off my mad template customizing skillzZz.

Whats next for Brooklyn Lee?

Interracial gang bangs & a bit more self-loathing.

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12 years ago

Brooklyn is so pretty, loved her in Spider-man with Xander Corvus, yes I paid for it 🙂 I’m also one of those Brazzer’s members that she mentioned.

12 years ago

Good interview

12 years ago

TRPWL Exclusive: Brooklyn Lee- A Bush Sporting Day Walker via @trpwl

12 years ago

Great interview! - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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