TRPWL Exclusive: Influence peddling at LA City Hall? AHF’s Secret Meeting Disclosed

Apr 11, 2012
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Purported notes of AHF’s secret “Condomgate” meeting highlight fears of influence peddling in L.A. government

AHF's Marijane "Miki" Jackson

Adult industry news site XBIZ has reported that, in July 2011, an “informal” closed door meeting was convened between AIDS Healthcare Foundation leaders, members and/or staff of the L.A. City Council, including Paul Koretz and Bill Rosendahl (both beneficiaries of campaign contributions from AHF president Michael Weinstein), and other government officials.

These are purportedly the notes of that meeting, as recorded by AHF’s own in-house “AIDS Advocate” (and Eric Cartman lookalike) Miki Jackson.

Rosendahl’s office has acknowledged the July meeting occurred, but has refused to discuss details, saying that it “was a meeting with the City Attorney and considered ‘work product.'” However, according to attorney Michael Fattorosi, “the attorney ‘work product’ doctrine would not attach to a informal meeting of local government with a special interest group.”

If these minutes are authentic, they provide a fascinating insight into wealthy AIDS czar Michael Weinstein and his fabulously well-financed organization’s “pull” with local officials.

From: Miki Jackson
Sent: Thursday, July 14, 2011 10:08 AM
To: Michael Weinstein
Subject: Meeting with Garcetti on AFI

My notes on our meeting with Gatcetti et all. I am only sending this to you as I want to be sure you are okay with it before I send it out, if you would like me to.

Among those in attendance: Council Members Paul Koretz and Eric Garcetti, Paul Audley – Film LA, City Attorney’s Office – Kimberly [Miera], Ray Garvin and Lisa – LAPD film unit, Brian Chase, Michael Weinstein, Rosendahl’s Office was represented, Heather from Garcetti’s office

Michael went thru jurisdiction – city has jurisdiction, clarify position, objective wantn to see performers protected – message, recognize several levels jurisdiction, get each level to take responsibility for their area. OSHA doing their part, County shut down AIM but won’t use personnel for inspections. We think city has discretion in area of permits – have regulations restricting – nudity and other public hazards. No clear distinction between what happens on set and with public.

Proposal – requirement of AFI follow health regulations, fee put on to pay for inspections – like pyrotechnics. Third party be found to do inspections – MW thinks of nurse. Sex venues in LA have regulations. Fees would pay for inspections.

At about this point Garcetti had to leave. This had an adverse effect on the meeting as the City Attorney (CA) Kimberly, inappropriately, took over the meeting and set a very heavy handed and contentious tone.

She flatly said that the CA office does not agree with OSHA, they have heard nothing from OSHA that changes their position.

MW said he could not see how city of LA does not have jurisdiction over permits.

Ray Garvin from LAPD said it would be difficult without LAPD – he has safety concerns.

MW said he was told LAPD did not want to do.

LAPD would accompany OSHA out for spot checks. Then he said – what if someone took a picture of officer in uniform on a set…

MW clarified that is the ick factor…

Audley – if we put it into permit many of these things are not under film jurisdiction but Film LA will notify the agency in charge that it is about to take place.

Brian said just putting language on permits will help.

Kortez – Example of anti smoking ordinance. Thinks city agency should be enforcing.

Heather from Garcetti’s office – look at precedent how there is enforcement? LAPD? more from OSHA?

I put in that OSHA is complaint driven and they don’t come out for peremptory checks.

Audley – Film LA issues about 200 permits a month.

MW – one thing is – you have people like Flynt saying they have no intention of following the law. Is there any disagreement that all films should obey the law. You have special assurance that no public nudity in AFI. What about adding language calling out bodily fluids? City of LA porn Capitol of world. Only two states where porn filming is legal – here and in New Hampshire. The ick factor and timidity is not right thing. We will settle for what we can get to help us move closer to protecting these mostly very young people. If we can get something to move this forward if we can reach consensus that there would be condition on permits that blood borne would be in permits we would be happy with that.

Kimberly – we will look into how city enforces other permits and regs and get a report on that to Jobs and Business Committee.

MW – what about putting more specific language in – also enforceability.

Koretz – enforceability sometimes it turns out you don’t have to do so much – smoking ordinance has not required much enforcement, it’s mostly self enforcing.

Brian – OSHA is doing all they can, but we need to help then

MW – they do all they can, they don’t have sole jurisdiction. We are being more forceful with county, but they are abdicating. City jurisdiction is with permitting, we are trying to create chilling effect. The City does not do much in AIDS, we haven’t asked much of the City and frankly city has tremendous burden of AIDS and STDs.

Paul– In adding language to permits, he will make the motion.

LAPD – if language added would that draw in LAPD?

MW – we would love you to put county in as bad a light as possible. City now gives tax money to County to do health.

Kimberly – will get back on this. Don’t have to delay report – she can give a verbal report.

This was a difficult meeting. Kimberly from the CA office took over the meeting when Eric left and she kept trying to make Michael quit talking. Several times she insisted he be quiet. There was a lack of respect to others evinced by her tone and by her inappropriately taking over the meeting, especially with Koretz present, as he clearly outranks her. After a number of these statements Michael retorted that he was not there to win a popularity contest.

Check out Xbiz for more coverage

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Michael Whiteacre
Michael Whiteacre
11 years ago

In Michael Weinstein’s world, everything is for sale:

The key is to follow the money…


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