Kayden Kross Follows Up On Her Stossel Show Condom Debate

Feb 19, 2012
Health, Safety & Testing
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I’m sure more of you have heard about Kayden’s debate with Wendy Murphy on Fox’s Stossel Show. If not, please visit the link at the bottom of the page. Since the debate was roughly 6 minutes long there were a few questions we felt like needed to be answered as well. Plus I was fucking pissed Murphy brought up Kayden’s mom.

Also, when has anyone known a politician to turn down free face-time on major network? Only when they know they fucked up.

1) Have you ever seen an adult performer fired for refusing to perform a porn scene without a condom?

No I have not. I’ve see it go the other way though, where a girl turned down a scene because she was afraid if she shot with a condom that day then she would be too sore to shoot the following days and she had a full week booked.

2) Many opponents of the condom mandate argue that, should condoms become mandated porn production, the 30-day testing and monitoring system that the adult industry has employed for years would likely fall away — because condoms would be a fig leaf, providing a false sense of security (despite their estimated 15% failure rate). Do you agree that many performers and producers would likely abandon the uniform testing standards should condoms be enforced, endangering performers far more than under the current model?

I don’t know whether they’d abandon it or not. I would hope not. I will not work with untested performers and despite the liberal use of the word “former” when FOX news introduced me, I am still very much an active performer. Giving up our current testing standards would force me into an early retirement. Its true condoms are only 85% effective under the best conditions. Porn shoots are far from the best conditions.I’ve been testing and shooting regularly for five years with a squeaky clean test record. My personal experience on this issue can’t be improved upon. I know the testing system is not fail proof and never will be so long as there are STIs and STDs in the population, but condoms won’t change that fact either.

3) Do you think adult performers need to be more active in seeking out and rallying support for political candidates who will support the rights of all citizens — not just grandstanding AIDS profiteers like AIDS Healthcare Foundation?

I think we’re very quiet when it comes to our interests and government until we get backed in a corner like we have been on this issue. It’s unpopular for politicians to make any moves that could be construed as in support of adult. We’re not extremists. We tend to have very sound and rational arguments when we deal with issues because it’s usually in opposition of extremists when it gets to the point that we actually have to act on it. The earlier we stand up to legislation coming down the line the better chance we will have at nipping it in the bud. Of course you can follow that logically through to being involved in the election process of those who will ultimately be making the decisions that affect our livelihoods.

4) How do you feel about the attempt of a so-called feminist to shame you on national television over your choice to carve a profitable career in the field of your choice, and your demand of the right to exercise autonomy over your own body?

I do not need to be protected from myself and I am not a part of a lesser class of people that needs another group to make life decisions for me. I’m a rational and responsible adult. Some of the worst offenders on the other side of this argument are so-called feminists who in one breath say men and women are and should be equal, and in the next breath say that because I’m a woman I need big daddy government to intervene on the decisions that don’t fit with what the feminists had in mind.

My favorite part of the discussion on the Stossel show was when Murphy told me that what I was saying was the “stupidest argument she’d ever heard” instead of coming back with facts related to the debate. A woman twice my age with decades more experience should have had something better than that. My second favorite part was when she asked where my parents were. My mom was at home watching it on TV cheering me on.

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Anthony Kennerson
12 years ago

If there ever comes to pass a team of eloquent performers that would challenge the BS of antiporn whackjobs (let us call it “TeamStillettosToAsses”), I want Kayden Kross to be one of the first names on that team. And probably team co-captain, along with Nina Hartley.

Anthony Kennerson
12 years ago

OOPS…hit “send” too early…sorry. LOL

That Stossel performance was strong in the face of pressure….and the hair didn’t suck either.

Way to bust ass, K2.


12 years ago

Were the questions in this interview loaded & biased enough? Another case of bad journalism from a trashy gossip site.

12 years ago

Hi sweet go ahead I am after you to follow. kisses

11 years ago

Kayden made a great argument about feminist saying women & men should be equal, but then insisting the government should step in & protect women because women can’t possibly do that themselves. If feminist truly believe women are equal to men, let women make their own choices! Thanks Kayden!

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