TRPWL Gamer Girls: Cherie DeVille Does Sunset Overdrive

Apr 19, 2015
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In this edition of TRPWL Gamer Girls, Cherie DeVille reviews Sunset Overdrive for the Xbox One.

The First Impression: This Fast paced, comedic, color bomb of a game by Insomnia kept me playing long after the main story line missions were over. This is an open world shooter like no other I have played. Its sarcastic humor and comedic writing kept me laughing while the unique game play and visual acid trip that is the post apocalyptic world you get thrown into made my eyes pop from my head like a old cartoon.

Cherie DeVille

The Vibe: I am a soft spoken southern blond but this Punk rock, irreverent, sarcastic, spitting in the face of authority game made me feel like a total bad ass. I adore the in your face colors, huge monsters that explode into a mass of orange goo, and comic book style words that appear huge on the screen!! Hitting the ground with a “CRACK” or freezing enemies with a “BRRRR” as you rock and roll your way thru the apocalypse is a total trip. I also need to mention the crazy fun and total ADD way they let you constantly change your character. I chose as my initial body type a huge breasted chick with hot pink hair. So right there I’m having fun looking at my character. But wait theres more!! Wanna shoot exploding teddy bears at some one while wearing nothing but panties and a war helmet??? You got it!! Wanna change your hair color ever 2 seconds?? Do it!! Wanna crush monsters with a sword of justice in a girl scout uniform?? Why the fuck not!

sunset overdrive

The Game play: This is a beautiful mix of classic open world gaming with skilled fast paced character play that will test your hand eye coordination at crack whore speeds. You somehow have preternatural skills and can grind on ledges and wires, jump to epic heights on any squishy surface, and cling to buildings with momentum alone as you traverse the walls at breakneck speed. The only place you suck is on the ground… if you find yourself on the ground you will prob die cuz you and slow as fuck on foot.

Cherie DeVille

ANYWAY Sunset overdrive has the addictive skill and character leveling up any good game needs within a unique and playful framework. (how good will your murderrang get? Well mine can freeze monsters and then shatter their helpless forms into shards… so badass) The game manages to keeps the traditional point A to B questing fun of the traditional open world game with plenty of opportunity to go AWOL and explore the HUGE world as well as comedic 4th wall breaking of the gaming platform as your character pokes fun at itself and other video games. I also love that no 2 people could possibly play the game the same way!! Infinite weapon choices and modifications as well as skill leveling up geared to your game play style make it a unique experience for each player as you cascade frantically thru the open world.

The Story: You begin the game as a janitor of sorts when Fizzco is having its epic launch party for its new energy drink OverCharge. Unfortunately OverCharge turns anyone who drinks it into a ugly and angry mutant. Good thing for you you didn’t sneak any of the product cuz you are A-OK!!….. If you call trapped in a city with no way out full of insane and vicious mutants ok.. But I digress. You soon discover you have super parkour on crack skills and can kill mutants like a total bad ass. This story line is full of silly side quests, creative weapon choices and great support characters.. larping anyone… Your goal is to attempt to find out the secret behind Fizzco and a way out of the now quarantined city.

Cherie DeVille

The Verdict: I give this game 4 1/2 hard cocks, or 4 rock hard cocks and one semi. If insomnia games is listening you would have gotten 5 raging boners if you had made the main story line a bit longer, Showed me some tits, and had a more involved multiplayer on line with the chaos squad. But I haven’t been in porn that long so I’m still ok with 4 cocks 😉 …. but if I were you I bet I could have gotten that last one hard as well!

cherie deville

Thanks for the review, Cherie.  Follow Cherie DeVille on Twitter, buy something from her wishlist, call or text her through Dream Lover.

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