The TRPWL Press Release Posting Guidelines

Mar 3, 2014
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People have started to question why TRPWL is only posting certain press releases. Me being the nice guy that I am, I took time away from writing award worthy stories to write this basic, yet award winning list..


Reasons why your PR WON’T GO UP

1. We don’t really like to run the standard PR, so and so just found a cat and is really happy the cat has 4 feet.. Anyone that pays for that type of press is a total fucking loser and needs help.

2. If the PR has been run 50 times and then you send it to me, it won’t go up.

3. If you try and pay me to run it, it won’t go up.

4. If it was written by Erika Icon from The Rub PR, it not only won’t go up, but me and my friends will laugh at you for wasting your money on one of two people with worse grammar then Rick Madrid. NO ERIKA ICON PR WILL EVER GET RUN ON TRPWL.

5. If you support anyone who is a detriment to the adult industry, the PR won’t go up. This means retweeting links, buying ad space, or even being friendly with them.. If you need to ask me who im talking about, your PR won’t get posted.

The PR we do run goes up for one of the reasons listed below:

1. The PR includes one or more Spiegler Girls.

2. The PR includes a friend of the site.

3. The PR furthers the agenda of TRPWL, which is Pro-Porn, Pro-Liberty, Pro-Sex Worker.

4. It’s a really slow news day

5. The PR is sent to us by a company or girl who follows the site and retweets our links. I think some of you forget that TRPWL is doing you a favor by posting your PR. You get paid for the write-up, we should at least benefit in the form of web traffic ..

6. If the PR includes SFW trailers it most likely will go up at some point.

7. The PR will anger one of our many trolls. The TRPWL news team loves watching tards go crazy and will put something up we couldn’t care any less about just to see them lose their tard minds
In the end, there really isn’t anyway to guarantee your PR will get run on TRPWL. We do our own thing, always have and always will…

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The TRPWL Press Release Posting Guide Lines | AdultWikiMedia
9 years ago

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9 years ago

You forgot to add that if the PR is Pro-Anal the chances of it being posted go up. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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