TRPWL Spotlight: Stacy Jay (NSFW)

Oct 12, 2015
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Stacy Jay is a hottie with a great sense of humor. I suspect you will be seeing a lot of her in 2016 .

Why did you decide to do porn/how did you get into it?

I randomly decided to this one day , I figured I been stripping for 3 years so it the same thing only with fucking lol.
How did you pick your stage name?
I like the name Stacy and it also my stage name at the strip club. Jay was originally supposed to be Jacobs but Derek said it wasn’t available so jay was close enough.

When did you shoot your first scene?

I started Porn in mid July 2015 and shot my first scene for ftv girls July.  It was awesome and I went to Arizona which I never been before and got to stay in a dope mansion lol.

What have you done so far?

I have done G/G, B/G, Anal , Solo and DP so far .

Where are you from?

I was born in NYC but originally I am Russian and Israeli .

What is your To Do List? 

A bunch of cocks with a few vaginas thrown in

What’s the last 5 things you listened to on your music player?

Future , Gucci mane , Chief Keef, Trap , Hard Style EDM

Is there a hidden meaning to  “Netflix and Chill”? Should I worry if a fat chick wants me to come over and watch Slumdog Millionaire and eat nachos?   

Never trust a fat girl with Nachos. It will be messy painful sex Syac

What are your feelings about vagina hair?

Fuck no! Staying bald

List your top 3 sports teams?

Any team that wears tight pants. If they wear loose pants they cant be trusted. Obviously hiding something

Im having trouble setting my fantasy football lineup. Who would you start on Sunday?  Tom Brady or Matt Ryan?  and why?

I’d start Brady, He’s married to a super model so he must know how to fuck. Everyone knows if you can fuck you can throw.

If they decided to shoot a remix of the music video “Boats and HoesWould you tell Derek to let you do it for free?

Derek’s not just some guy, he tells me I have the voice of an angel and he would want me to do that remix.  Unless they did me in the bottom while drinking sangria..That aint free

What are your thoughts on mandatory condoms in porn?

No need for them, that’s why we get tested. They should make everyone take as many tests as we do. That would slow down the spread of all STDS

Whats your idea of a romantic evening at home? 

Lube, porn, 2 naked bartenders and a Sherpa.

What living celebrity would you like to have sex with?

Young Thug !!!!!!

Where can your fans find you?

Twitter StacyJayX Instagram StacyJayX,  Facebook, and later this week my blog/website will be up
Stacy can be booked through LA Direct  Click the link and check out her pics.





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