Trumper Astrid Star & Professional Beggar Alex “5150” Harper Are Having a Trans Beef

May 31, 2024
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Fat Alex Harper

In the 14 years I’ve been the worlds most popular blogger, wait, not world, the Universe’s most popular blogger, I’ve seen many a porn friendships come and go..In fact most porn friendships last about as long as bucket of chicken at Erika “Shrek” Icons apt, or a Lauren Phillips herpes outbreak…

A few months ago, BBW Alex Harper and Military reject Astrid Star began to bond over their hatred for the legendary TRPWL. They were so close in fact, Astrid collected aluminum cans from behind the local 7-11, cashed them in and donated to one of the 8,550 Go Fund Me’s Alex Harper has launched over the last 38 days. Yes sir, myself and the rest of the TRPWL news team were fairly certain this friendship was gonna last for a Porn Lifetime, which in regular years is 41 days .

But alas, its not in the meth pipe as these 2 had their first interwebs spat .

Alex, who is pretty much one of the worst people to ever grace twitter, and the first runner up, Astrid “Capt Lt Dipshit Section 8” Star apparently sit on the other side of the political spectrum.

Astrid is apparently a stanch Trump supporter:

Which upset Alex so much she couldn’t finish eating the Kung Po Cat she got from the local market;

Upon realizing Alex was about to refund the aluminum can money, lol jokes, Alex keeps ALL the money, her gas bill is about to be overdue for the 17th time, Astrid deleted the tweet. But my crackpot team of investigative twitter lookers found more Astrid Pro Trump tweets.

Oh, yea Alex says shes trans, which reminds me of the movie ‘The Jerk” where a very Steve Martin takes offense to some Italians using the N-word, Prompting him to say “Sir you are talking to a “Nword” See incredibly funny clip below


We could only hope Alex uses her Kung Fu training to defeat Astrid on the rainbow crosswalk of America.

Lets all think happy thoughts, thought that those two will bond over my latest opus, rally up the fatties,  the crash test dummies, and report me for the 7865, 947239w0278r5, ryt75 44uu q 2 time…Thats physics, its inevitable

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stayawayfromthe cans
stayawayfromthe cans
18 days ago

Bro! We need more of this 🙂 Only you can make Steve Martin work

17 days ago

Her Twitter is really sad. She tweets nonstop about her late fiancé (who died in an accident earlier this month) and gets 0-2 responses on most tweets, mostly from lonely guys. I did some key word searches to check old tweets and saw some tweets over the past 6 years and it wasn’t much better. She has tweets asking others in the industry to respond (i.e. “Did you work with xxx?”) and no one does. I did not see another performer respond to anything she tweeted. She’s a porn star who tweets like crazy and get’s very few responses. I… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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