Veruca James and The Room of Pure Imagination!

Aug 29, 2014
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It’s FINALLY here!!! My Willy Wonka/Veruca Salt parody done style, directed by the one and only, Princess Donna!

This was my third time working with Princess Donna and my most memorable and meaningful project to date.  Having directed me previously (my first Hardcore Gangbang and Public Disgrace shoots), Princess Donna was adamant about me owning this project.  She encouraged me to think outside the box and really choose a fantasy of my own. I knew I had a general feeling that I wanted to get out of my experience and I knew that previously, as a newbie to the industry, I had happily accepted whatever theme/fantasy that was presented to me, but I hadn’t really actively perused something that was truly ME.  After several conversations, with my vague and general ideas, I proposed a Veruca Salt parody.  Veruca Salt being my namesake, of course.

Veruca and her lolly -- Veruca James and The Room of Pure Imagination!

Veruca is a nickname that I was [bestowed] with before I even started performing.  Veruca is girly, bratty, demanding and very much an evil/dirty girl to the core.  That is me!

Pure imagination

Donna immediately loved the idea.  She wrote a script for me, based on the original movie, and I fell in LOVE.  She even asked if I would sing the “I want it now!” song, and I reluctantly agreed, because I have a HORRIBLE singing voice, but she promised to auto tune for me. 🙂  I asked Donna if she would act in the parody as my step-mother, because it was really important to me that she be included.  She helped me find the strength and courage I had in my previous career, now as a performer.  It was really meaningful for me to include her.  Plus, she is gorgeous and amazing, and I can’t imagine a better step-mother to play my counter-character!  When I arrived on set the day of the shoot, I was more than overwhelmed with the attention to detail she had planned.  My outfit was PERFECT, the script was PERFECT, and the white room (you’ll have to watch the scene to know what I mean) was beyond my wildest dreams!  The entire day was a true fantasy!  The gangbang was the most fun, strange and unique scene I have ever done.  It totally encompasses me as a performer. There is laughter, silliness & really fucked up dialogue and positions. All around impromptu fun.




Donna hired Tommy Pistol to play Willy Wonka and I honestly could not have asked for a better performer.  Tommy was ON POINT! As Tommy always is with his sadistic comedy.  Tommy’s performance totally supported and encouraged my fantasy.  Also, I would like to thank the other male talent in the scene, who not only wore the Umpalumpa costumes, but also played with me in character, no matter how bizarre the scene got.  Tony Ribas, Barry Scott, John Strong & Marco Banderas – THANK YOU!!!

Veruca James and The Room of Pure Imagination!

Princess Donna, thank you for providing the opportunity and encouraging me to be me. All my love and gratitude!

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