Wanna Hear Something Funny? HIV Scare

Aug 30, 2011
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Once again, Diane Duke should get a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Thank god she urged the California porn industry to temporally shut down production. I mean that’s the best way for the people in Florida who shot with Tyler Styles to not infect anyone else.

Brilliant, I tell you. I’ve got a better idea, Diane Duke – urge the escort companies to suspend escorting. Hmm. Na there’s no STD risk in escorting right? No way man. It’s porn that’s spreading HIV. I for one am not gonna worry. If Diane Duke can’t fix it, Shelley Lubben can, her and the Green Cross….problem is in Florida, shut down Cali, bad brakes on your car, change the oil…I mean it’s common fucking sense…

This whole thing is fucking stupid. Guess what? …anytime you have sex you’re at risk for STDS – whether it’s some chick you bang out after meeting at the club, or if you’re eating pussy for Brazzer’s at $500 bucks a pop. Any person engaging in any type of sex should always have a slight fear of STDs. If you think cuz the dick in front of you or the pussy that got booked for you is STD free simply because they have a piece of paper saying so, then you’re a dumbass.

“Well let’s use condoms” Yea ok…we all know that if the guy is wearing a condom when he fucks you, you can’t get STDs. Yea, I think that was true until I reached the 6th grade and took a health class.

Have you ever read the fine print on a box of condoms? It’s pretty clear. It says reduces the risk of STDs and pregnancy – it doesn’t say eliminate. There’s only one fool proof way not to get an STD and that idea ain’t gonna fly. Besides, even that isn’t fool proof. I had a friend who caught crabs from taking a shyt on a public toilet…or at least that what he told me…but that’s a story for another time.

Porn isn’t the problem. It’s what the talent does when it’s not shooting porn that is the problem. That’s what needs to be addressed. Do a better job of regulating the escort companies and pay the talent more money so some of them aren’t reduced to risky behavior to make ends meet.

Then regulate the companies that call themselves porn companies. They’re the bigger problem…with their OMG we are going broke and can only pay you X now. LOL I bet if there was some sort of open book policy per company the talent pay would rise. You guys are like the OIL companies…FULL OF SHYT

I’m on the outside, looking in. My perspective is still as a fan. However, I’ve been able to talk to a lot of people in the industry and I’m not alone with my thoughts.

Hope my ramblings make sense to some…

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12 years ago

make sense to me…

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