ChristianXXX On The Stagliano Lawsuit and Katie Summers

Jun 19, 2013
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This was a comment by Christian XXX posted on LukeIsBack. And before any of my guys say anything smart, he texted me and told me he commented…I do not surf LIB. lol


For someone who loves to point out when people are not too smart, I don’t understand how you fail to observe that Gene Ross & Rob Black call Katie “an intelligent young woman” but somehow she missed everyone and their dog knowing that Stagliano is positive…for THREE YEARS! She wasn’t brand new either, she had been on other EA sets and been in the biz for way over a year when she did that scene.

Second, let’s not pretend that Katie Summers is a stranger to doing scenes outside the norm, she has performed in many scenes with transexual performers for both EA and Kink (and I loved her for it).

Third, I wonder if Katie knows about the past history between Rob Black and Karen Stagliano and their personal relationship before she married John.

Fourth, you guys are SEVERELY underestimating John Stagliano’s ability to fight the charges against him Remember he had no qualms spending lots of his own money to fight the US Government, so I doubt Rob Black’s attorney scares him.

Fifth, lets call this lawsuit for what it is…a desperate attempt for a man to stay relevant in an industry that has grown tired of him not paying performers, make up artists, and other crew. His loyal wife/girlfriend Lizzie Borden, who went to jail for him, has now been thrown to the curb in favor of Katie Summers, who must enjoy being a pawn in Rob’s games. I feel bad for Katie, being manipulated by Rob Black is not going to turn out well for her.

I know that saying all of this opens me up for the usual criticism of me, the scenes I do, blah, blah, blah but come on now. It might land on Gene Ross’s site, and I might get savaged by Rob Black on his super popular daily show. Whatever, I have been attacked before and I will get attacked again. Do & say your worst.

I will say this though, John being in any scene at all on camera at all isn’t the greatest idea he ever had. But was it criminal? No fucking way. The picture Gene & Rob harp on shows him grabbing her ass, where is that sexual? Someone show me a still or a screen grab of sexual contact with bodily fluid exchange and then I will say I was wrong. And not from some other scene…the one with Katie Summers.

One last time, I feel very bad for Katie Summers, she is an earnest, hard working performer, who is now webcamming her ass off daily for the honor of paying Rob’s Blacks rent. Man, that must be so fun!

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Fake Gene Ross
Fake Gene Ross
10 years ago

Christian, stand down young man. You still owe me a quart of Glenfiddich and 1/2 the fee for the Guatemalan ladyboy we played Eiffel Tower with. Don’t you remember the arrangement we had? I get a quart of single malt scotch and you get first crack at the young shim’s anus. I got sloppy seconds and you still haven’t reimbursed me on your firsts! Rob Black is not trying to reestablish his name in porn. It is right up there with the greats on the Mt. Rushmore of our industry. Rob Black, Donny Long, Dic Pusini and Ryan Knox. I… Read more »

10 years ago
Reply to  Fake Gene Ross

Whoever wrote this “Fake Gene Ross” entry has one weird sense of humor. Keep up the good work!

Fake Gene Ross
Fake Gene Ross
10 years ago
Reply to  mharris127

There is no humor involved when your hourly Cambodian decides to play hide the muddler as you are attempting to deal with 3/8lb of mint leaves. If I had room in my crawl space, I would have filled his enema bottle with 151 and crushed Xanax.

10 years ago

The director grabbed her ass, he did not finger her as one of the bloggers suggested. I think anyone wanting to credibly comment on the scene should at least have the decency to watch the scene first rather than jump on the lynch mob mentality going around. If grabbing an ass cheek constitutes “performance”, I think a whole lot of back pay is owed to many in the business that were booked for a solo scene (such as this one was) by one producer or another. That is the central issue for many and my take is that what he… Read more »


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