Katie Summers Sums Up The John Stagliano Lawsuit in One Tweet

Mar 5, 2014
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Last year, adult biz washout Rob Black forced Katie Summers to file suit against John Stagliano and Evil Angel. Below is the meat of the lawsuit:

Summers filed suit in Los Angeles Superior Court against Stagliano and his company Evil Angel, alleging “negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, [and] sexual battery” in connection with her performance in the movie Buttman’s Stretch Class 4, which was released in 2010.

We can go back and forth on the real reasons behind the action, none of which are included in the filings mostly because it would be considered a frivolous legal action and thrown out.

Katie Summers Selfie Headshot

Katie Summers

One of Katie Summers’ claims is emotional distress based on her fear that one day she would develop HIV.


Thats’ a tweet Katie sent in reply to Desi Foxx, a woman who married a sex offender, then pimped her own daughter. Foxx is now anti-porn and tweets endlessly about fantastic, wide-ranging conspiracies to “hunt”, silence and harm those who speak out.

Katie’s reply says a lot: first, it shows Katie isn’t that smart and completely misunderstood Desi’s “at risk” remark, and second, it indicates the only emotional distress Katie suffers from is caused by Rob Black when she doesn’t hand over her cam money on time.

I find it ironic that Katie Summers is suing John Stagliano, (who’s married to Rob Black’s ex by the way) for not disclosing his HIV status to her even though they didn’t have sex, while Summers has actually had sex with scores of people, from the talent pool to ‘clients’, and there’s no evidence she disclosed her full STD status to any of them. Maybe Stagliano should get a group of plaintiffs together and file a class action suit against Katie Summers…

Katie Summers sums up her suit against John Stagliano in a single tweet

This post wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the support of Dr. Cindi Spiegler.

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Katie Summers Sums Up The John Stagliano Lawsuit in One Tweet | AdultWikiMedia
10 years ago

[…] Katie Summers Sums Up The John Stagliano Lawsuit in One Tweet […]

10 years ago

Dr. Cindi does the Lord’s work.

You never know what to believe about the legend. I’ve heard it all. “He’s the one who taught Keisha Cakes ebonics.” “He showed Adriano how to gape a whore’s anus.” “He taught Max Hardcore how to piss in a whore’s mouth.” The only thing that is for sure, is if a porn whore puts it on the internet, that dude will pop it out of his files at the most inopportune time for her. For that we will all be in his debt.

Dasha Madera
Dasha Madera
10 years ago

Dr.Mark Spiegler is worrying lot about his business going down the shitter and not having enough crack to smoke. Poor child molestors and sex offenders.

10 years ago

Rob Black is a scumbag plain and simple.

10 years ago

Someone else is impersonating me. I am the real “TURDS ALA GILLIS ARMY”. NOT the one posting negative shit about Rob Black. Ass Clowns and Fossil Fuckers were great movies made by him. One can not deny the accomplishments of Rob Black during the 90s and 00s. Very successful pornographer during his time.


[…] had suffered emotional distress based on her fear that one day she would develop HIV, however, as reported earlier this year on TRPWL, in October 2013, Summers tweeted the […]

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