Why Rob Black isn’t John Gotti

Feb 11, 2014
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For the most part I ignore the idiot Rob Black, but today someone sent me this quote:

Mike South thanks one of his readers for a tip on an HIV positive gay performer named Mike Dozier who was arrested for banging a 14 year old that was posted on AVN a day earlier. He gets a tip on an article already posted. Great, Mike. Nice job.

So I go over to read the post it was pulled from and lo and behold this mutt Rob Black has John Gotti’s image plastered all over his site along with one of Gotti’s most famous quotes:

I, me, John Gotti, will sever his mother-fuckin’ head off.

Does this fucking guy really think of himself as some sort of John Gotti??

John Gotti is a killer, Rob Black is a bitch who once ran from Brooklyn Lee at AVN.

John Gotti had hundeds of street soldiers ready to back his play, Rob Black has Tom Byron and Katie Summers .

John Gotti was arrested for RICO violations, Rob Black for selling dirty movies.

John Gotti was offered a deal but turned it down, Rob Black snitched on his wife.

John Gotti has movies made about him, Rob Black is a punchline.

John Gotti inspired fear in most, Rob Black makes me wanna take a shit.

John Gotti went to prison a millionaire, Rob Black can’t even open a bank account.

John Gotti had 107 guys tasked to his wiretaps, Rob Black cant get 20 to listen to his show.

When John Gotti had a issue with someone he took care of it, Rob Black makes anonymous crime stopper calls.

John Gotti’s family loved him, Rob Blacks dad cut him off.

John Gotti signed autographs, Rob Black signs bad checks.

John Gotti donated $ to help the retarded, Rob Black takes advantage of the retarded (Byron and Summers).

John Gotti went down as one of the top 10 crime bosses of all time, Rob Black isn’t top anything, and never will be. He’s not even top tard.









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