Beware: iWantClips Not Paying Content Producers

May 26, 2018
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I’ve had a couple people complain to me over the last week about iWantClips not keeping up with payments owed to content producers.  iWantClips is blaming a software glitch.

Artists, We apologize for the inconvenience regarding payouts. The payout processing company made a small upgrade to their payout system which has caused previously scheduled payouts to be delayed. We’re researching the quickest solution possible to get payouts back on schedule

That was 5 days ago and from what I’m told, still no payments, and no further updates from iWantClips

One girl told me:

My payment “processed” 2 days later than normal but still hasn’t reached my bank account 14 days later. They posted a general letter saying it was due to a small update. They could have hand written checks and personally delivered them by now!

Last pay period ended on the 12th. They wait until the 21st to even communicate anything. The next pay period ends tomorrow. Still not paid for last pay period. So now we are 1 day away from being into two pay periods not paid for.

Lets hope they dont just run off like YouKandy did. I DMd, the iWantClips twitter account but have yet to hear back..


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2 years ago

There is some Karma going on there. How many girls sign fans up for their lifetime private snapchat and then disappear a couple months later or Onlyfans accts that don’t get regular updates? - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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