What the Hell is Going On at 101 Modeling? Part One: A TRPWL Exclusive

What the Hell is Going On at 101 Modeling? Part One:  A TRPWL Exclusive

Several weeks ago, we began hearing rumors that adult talent agency 101 Modeling was in financial trouble, and might have to fold. Similar rumors had gone around last year around this time, but it appeared then that 101’s Robert Moran, may have simply been getting rid of the dead weight around the office.

The claims made this year, however, came from well-placed sources and focused on apparent ongoing accounting and cashflow problems at the agency – issues which pre-dated the financial ‘hit’ that every agency took during the recent production moratoria. As we began to investigate, some performers stated they were very happy at 101 and had experienced no significant delays in getting paid, while others reported a pattern of behavior on the part of 101 — difficulty getting ahold of anyone at the agency, difficulty getting paid or getting statements of account, the woman in accounting never being there or not answering the phone, agents making side deals with performers for cash, etc… More and more, we learned, performers were getting the feeling that 101 was making excuses.

Moreover, several performers currently with 101 Modeling, as well as some who moved on to other agencies (or left the Los Angeles adult business entirely following their association with 101), reported other alarming irregularities. This entry addresses those matters; claims about 101’s booking and accounting practices will be addressed in Part Two.


Nine months ago, performer Adriana Chechik was told that when she came to Los Angeles from Florida to appear in scenes booked by her brand new agent, 101 Modeling, she’d be staying with other performers in a classy, safe “model house” – a million dollar home with a nice back yard. It was only when she was picked up at the airport by one of 101’s drivers, Kyle, she learned that 101 no longer had a model house. Instead, she was taken to the apartment Kyle shared with a male roommate.

Kyle came on to her within hours of her arrival, she says, and when she took a shower, his roommate entered the bathroom with a video camera, expecting that she’d be okay with him recording her. She wasn’t.

Adriana also claims Kyle tried to give her the drug GHB, and informed her that she would not have to pay rent as long as she slept with him. After she declined sex, Chechik recalls, “I was bounced around and stayed in four places during my first month here.” After leaving Kyle’s apartment, 101 moved her to former director Kevin Ducati’s house, then another driver’s pad (at which she paid rent), and finally they sent her to the Comfort Inn in Van Nuys Blvd., where she paid for her own room. (Chechik is no longer represented by 101.)

Two other performers told TRPWL similar stories about their time with Kyle, and mentioned that he kept on his laptop photos of girls “passed out” at his apartment. According to another two performers – one of whom is still on 101’s roster — Kyle also takes new performers to meet the owner of the porn star escort agency, MyPlatinumProvider.

Earlier this year, one budding female performer, then 19, came out from Florida along with her 5-foot tall, 21-year old friend. They too had been led to believe they’d be staying at a model house, but were instead brought by Kyle to his apartment. According to the 19-year old, Kyle “was high” and she told her friend she suspected that Kyle or his roommate might be trying “to put some kind of drug in our drinks that makes you black-out.

“I had only one beer and I watched it,” she remembers. “I went outside to have a cigarette, and when I came back Kyle was all over her, on top of her. And she was saying, ‘Get him off of me!’ So I pulled him off and punched him.” She says Kyle rolled over and passed out.

At some point Kyle’s cell phone rang. The 19-year old answered it, and found 101 Modeling’s owner, Robert Moran, on the other end of the line. “What are you doing with Kyle?” he asked, then came and picked them up. “He rescued us,” she recalls.

Performers tell TRPWL that Moran and 101 agent Bud Lee were informed of these events – an alleged drug and alcohol-fueled sexual assault — yet Kyle was not dismissed and continues to drive for 101 Modeling to this day.

Yet another performer who has moved on from 101 recalls seeing Kyle, who is reputed to be the father of adult performer Sindee Jennings’s child, rolling around on the floor at 101’s office, so high that he shit his pants.

Chechik says she never met anyone from 101 Modeling face to face during her first month in Los Angeles, and was never called to the office to sign any paperwork. She claims that her agent, Bud Lee, simply booked her off photos Kyle had taken on his cell phone, and Kyle drove her from shoot to shoot.

Bud Lee has been around the adult business for 30 years, having first entering the limelight as the husband of legendary performer Hyapatia Lee. Bud became a porn director, split with Hyapatia, and later married porn star Asia Carrera. He bounced around through a succession of companies until 2008, when he reinvented himself as an agent and took a job at Derek Hay’s LA Direct Models – where he is now referred to as Bud “The Thief” Lee.

The moniker refers to the fact that, when he left LA Direct in April 2011 to launch 101 with Moran, Lee took 10% or more of Hay’s roster, along with two staff members: Tracy Hatem from accounting, and agent Jamie Keeling. Says Hay, “He knew all of our models’ contact information and he contacted them, guys and girls, in the weeks following his departure trying to persuade them to leave and join 101.”

Lee has an easy manner, well-suited to defusing people’s anger or frustration, but an agent’s job is to serve his or her clients and protect their interests. A witness interviewed by TRPWL recalls a new female performer coming to work with 101, who had been picked up at the airport by Kyle, and housed at his apartment. A short time later at the 101 office, Bud reportedly asked Kyle, “Did you sleep with her yet? How is she? Was she any good?

I really feel that they’re bringing these young performers out here, taking advantage of girls who don’t have much experience and don’t know how things are supposed to be done,” says Chechik.

Reached for comment about the charges leveled by former and current 101 models, Bud Lee did not specifically address most of them. Instead, he referred to the “grumbling” of some ex-employees of 101, claimed he did speak to Adriana face to face during her first month in LA, and added:

I am not aware of what the agent in FL told Adrianna [sic] about LA but, I know that we bring quite a few models in from there and none have told us about the “mansion” we are supposed to have for models. I have never seen it. I asked the agent in FL what he tells them and what Adrianna [sic] said she was told and he said, “did you expect her to tell the truth”. No!

For the record, MULTIPLE performers who arrived from Florida have asserted that they were told 101 would put them up in a proper model house. None used the word “mansion,” nor did TRPWL in its communications with Lee, so his use of quotation marks is inappropriate.

Lee admitted knowledge of Kyle’s connection to drugs, but flung blame at performers:

I am also taking actions on the driver who “everyone” is complaining about. They seem to like him when they want him to score for them. Well I have to put an end to both situations. However, please know I am not innocent enough to believe it will stop the models form “scoring”.

Lee also addressed some of the accounting matters which will be discussed in Part Two.


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12 Responses to "What the Hell is Going On at 101 Modeling? Part One: A TRPWL Exclusive"

  1. crunkleschwitz   October 21, 2013 8:38 pm at 8:38 PM

    Shady agents? Naw.

    What does being a whore wrangler for an agent pay? I may be looking for a career change/retirement option.

  2. Dakine   October 21, 2013 9:15 pm at 9:15 PM

    Great article.

  3. StripClubAddict   October 22, 2013 12:17 am at 12:17 AM

    Bud “The Thief” Lee..lmfao
    Yeppers These Girls Mommas never told Them They would meet a man like This. A real Gommer Pile of S%!t.

    Wait Dont Bud have a pace Maker? well Bud since you have one leg in the Grave Go with the other “leggins” peacefully and quietly yeah. Just Go away


  4. Glenn King   October 22, 2013 9:44 am at 9:44 AM

    I certainly dont condone any of the practices discussed in the article. if true, obviously 101 has some serious problems that need to be addressed. I will point out, though that I have been to at least two 101 model houses in the last 3 months. They have model houses.

    –Glenn King

  5. quarterblack   October 24, 2013 8:38 pm at 8:38 PM

    Being that the sources for this article are from a disgruntled former employee and a pissed off ex 101 model(and every agency has a ton of them)it pretty much has no validity. Kyle is a harmless stoner which is legal in CA, Bud and Robert are 2 of 3 agents that won’t lie to your face or make you sign your life over to them, and yes there are model houses. I have 101 girls stay in my house and they love it and I know the house as well, they have a choice to find there own place to stay or go to a model house which they pay for and is far cheaper and convenient than a hotel.so yeah exaggerated bullshit

    P.S I’m writing this with 2 101 girls sitting next to me and they approve

    • TRPWL-Sean   October 25, 2013 6:19 am at 6:19 AM

      Lol. Gee. I guess we were wrong.

    • Michael Whiteacre   October 25, 2013 11:35 am at 11:35 AM

      Let’s start with your first Logical Fallacy: Disgruntled former associates of a subject are not reliable. In reality, the sources for MOST exposés are disgruntled persons. Whistleblowers don’t speak out because they’re thrilled with what’s going on or the people doing the bad acts. In fact, there’s a very good reason why these models are no longer associated with 101 — they were lied to and treated like shit, then jerked around for their money.

      Your critique, if one can call it that, also neglects to take into account one crucial and obvious fact: SEVERAL models have INDEPENDENTLY told EXTREMELY SIMILAR stories about their experiences.

      Logical Fallacy number two: Because something may not be true at the moment, in a specific instance, it was never true in any instance. This is, quite frankly, idiotic. The fact that 101 presently rents uses Laura D’s house to put models up, or that a couple rent rooms in your house, does to mean the models interviewed in this story were not misled by 101 agents. Nor does it mean they were not endangered by the negligence, misfeasance and/or malfeasance of 101, its principals, employees and agents.

      Logical Fallacy number three: You write that “and every agency has a ton of [pissed off ex models]” so therefore the story “has no validity.” Well, since every agency is in exactly the same position as 101, why do we not hear stories like this about every agency and every driver?

      Logical Fallacy number four: Proof by assertion. Here you — an anonymous commenter — make assertions of fact (and opinion) without sourcing them. Unless you are or were a performer signed to 101, the statement “Bud and Robert are 2 of 3 agents that won’t lie to your face” is hearsay vis-a-vis how they treat models, and regarding their trustworthiness in other areas, it’s irrelevant to the subject of this series of articles.

      “Kyle is a harmless stoner.” Really? Then why do we have testimony from multiple women and men about his dosing them and/or others with drugs other than weed? Why do we have testimony from producers and other people on sets that Kyle has definitely been ‘on something” stronger than weed when picking up 101 performers? Why do we have multiple, consistent allegations of sexual assault and predatory behavior if he’s so harmless?

      “I have 101 girls stay in my house and they love it.” Irrelevant. The point of this article is that 101 knows they are employing a drug pusher — WHICH BUD LEE ADMITS — who has taken advantage of and otherwise endangered 101 models in his “care.”

      Also, let’s use your first local fallacy against you here — if the disgruntled can’t be trusted because they’re biased, then aren’t you and these two 101 models equally biased because you derive benefits from 101? Don’t bother trying to think, I’ll answer it for you — YES. You and your anonymous 101 model friends have an interest in propping up 101 — namely, 101 money runs through their pockets and into yours.

      “…the sources for this article are … a disgruntled former employee…” You are assuming facts not in evidence. You have no idea how many ex-employees we spoke to, because we did not specify the number.

      “…and a pissed off ex 101 model…” No, try multiple ex-101 models. Read the article again — Adriana was the one willing to be named, two others are described by their age and height, and where they came from. Others made us promise to reveal no identifying information about themselves.

  6. crunkleschwitz   October 25, 2013 1:04 pm at 1:04 PM

    I’m still waiting on a whore wrangler pay scale.

    Also, is it just wrangling whores, or do you have to do other stuff, like rough up shady producers to collect fees and what not. I would have to charge more for collections than whore delivery. I figure whore delivery to be a flat fee, but collections would be a %.

    Whore wrangler is like an entry level position I assume. From there, could I hope to progress to suit case pimp or would it be more like progressing to apprentice agent?

    Can someone interview some retired whore wranglers? I bet they have great stories to tell.

  7. Dakine   October 25, 2013 6:50 pm at 6:50 PM

    After reading this article it gives you a little more appreciation for Spiegs’ business model and ethics.

  8. Jamie Gillis's Turds Army   October 26, 2013 5:51 am at 5:51 AM

    Turds ala Gillis?

  9. SSHHHH.........   October 26, 2013 9:33 pm at 9:33 PM

    I LOVE TIS ARTICLE!! the events are highly true, unfortunately for them. just glad someone finally put them out there.

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