F@*K Instagram Its Not For Porners Or Their Fans

May 28, 2012
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I typically don’t do the whole boycott thing. I eat tuna even tho dolphins die in the nets and if it was cold id have no problem wearing fur. But with so many girls out there using instagram to build a fan-base I figured Id say something..

Some of you may already know this but for those that dont porn star Kristina Rose’s instagram account was suspended..She had over 15,000 followers and promoted instagram via her twitter to 125,000 followers on a daily basis ..She posted naked pics of herself which is a clear violation of rule #2:

Now their a thousands of instagram accounts with naked pictures on them, why hers? Simple, Shes outspoken and popular so she gets hated on..Chicken shyt people do chicken shyt crap..Most of the time its the pussies of the world who resort to flagging pics and accounts because that’s the only way they can fight back.. Whatever, it is what it is..She broke the rules.

But what made instagram popular..? You think it was the the drunk guy taking pics of puke? Fuck No.. It was porn stars posting naked pics to there millions of fans..You think Kristina got 15,000 followers because she told funny jokes and took pics of spider webs? She got 15,000 plus because she treated the world to a great ass and fantastic body every single day…Kristina along with hundreds of other porn stars promote instagram daily using their bodies and they do it for free..Do you know how much it costs to reach 1 million people every day on tv or radio?

So how does instagram repay the Kristina’s of the world? They sell to Facebook for a billion bucks and Facebook and their “we hate naked army” start pulling the plug on peoples hard work..How many of you porners have lost your Facebook account at some point ? Well they will know come for your instagram account as well. It will only take a few people full of jealousy to flag a few pics and your done..

I say fuck instagram. Until the amend their TOS or make a over 18 follow button stop promoting them. Tell your followers to stop using them..Don’t mention them and find a new place to post your hot pics..At some point some super nerd will come up wtih a cool app that loves boobies..Then all of y’all can get behind and and BAM, life will be great…

Whatever you decide, Id be real careful with your account, it can go away and it wont come back..

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10 years ago

Yep, I think hoping to find out how many fingers she can squeeze into her clam was much more of a reason for the followers than wit or wisdom.

Bum rap sure, but I’m sure the MO is to turn a blind eye, until forced to act. With the recent sale to Facebook, they might be cracking down across the board now, though.

10 years ago

Now that is what I call a worthy boycott, I have tweeted this article 🙂

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