When PR Goes Bad: By Alia Janine

Sep 13, 2012
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Sometimes you just have to say enough is enough! When it gets to the point where you just can’t take it anymore. When someone’s lying and bullshit finally hits that last button and you just want to scream the truth out in their face and for it to all come to end. For me this persons constant lies, deceit, and manipulation has pushed me to expose them and that person is Erika Icon of the Rub PR. This isn’t about “hating” or “harassing” or “defaming” Miss Icon and the Rub PR, this about fully exposing just a portion of her lies. Because none of those things hold any ground when the things that are being said are TRUE.

I really, really…… really tried to move on after she lied to me and screwed me out of a radio show spot. It didn’t phase me that random people started unfollowing me on Twitter or her writing blogs with things directed towards me. That high school bullshit is standard for her. What bothered me is when websites take down press releases I paid for, or refuse to post interviews I’ve done, or not interview or work with me anymore with half ass’d explanations. And what upsets me off more than anything, is when she LIES about not having any part in that. Like I wasn’t her “go to girl” when she had shit to say about someone. And she ALWAYS has shit to say about someone. What’s funny is I wasn’t saying anything about what she did to me, and I had/have every right too. I didn’t because I knew what a shit starter she is. Apparently though, she saw that lying some more and making up more stories about me was the only way to protect her and her business from the nothingness I was saying about her…. makes perfect sense…. But, I still gave her the benefit of the doubt and warned her, a few times, that I could take her to court, that I would expose her for all her lies, all she had to do was just move on, stop telling people not to work with me, and talking mounds of shit.

She obviously didn’t listen so, I wrote blog exposing her telling everyone exactly what happened. She freaked out to my lawyer claiming that my links to her blog was “slander” because it was “unfounded and untrue.” She went as far as threatening and scaring people telling them having a link to my blog on their site causes a “legal” issue because my blog was linked to hers. Mind you, I do have a degree in Criminal Justice and actually have a lawyer, and she’s still going around saying this to people and sending out her own C&Ds. Really? LOL The list goes on.

Erika was in the wrong for what she did to me, professionally and personally. Then to turn around and create all sorts of lies to cover her fat ass and telling people not to talk or work with me or she wont “help” them or be “friends” with them, is incorrigible. I’ve witnessed first hand what she does when she needs to protect her oh so “stellar” reputation she thinks she has. I really wanted to forget about the whole thing and chalk it up as a mistake, but that’s hard to do when you have someone like her terrified of being exposed breathing lies down your neck for months. She’s stalked and harassed people YEARS, I don’t have the patience for that. For the fact I’ve held this back for this long is amazing (only those that actually know me can speak for me there LOL).
So today I plan on saying enough is enough! Erika has said her last lie about me and our situation. Here is just a taste of some of the physical proof I have that she is indeed a lying, manipulative, deceitful, CUNT. I don’t give a fuck what she has to say now, unless it’s an actual legal document, it doesn’t fucking matter.

Posted are a few DMs between me and one interviewer. I will not expose his name (only because she will “ban” him from her cliche and he has been burden enough). As you can see Erika has not only told people not to work with me, but if they do they will be cut off. Sorry Erika but obviously you were LYING. I will even quote her in an email she sent me after I warned her the 1st time, “I would never do or say anything that would harm your reputation that I worked so hard to build.” Yeah, she said that.

She really does all her blogs such justice! Such a fucking hypocrite. I want her to dwell on the fact that the only person she’s lying to now- is herself. She had ample opportunities to move on but she chose to lie and then lie about lying and then lie some more and throw it in my face. Me of all people?? All of the good she could/can do is canceled out by the fact that she is pure evil and shouldn’t be trusted by anyone let alone be getting paid for it. She’s more concerned about what her clients can do for “her” image, not what she can do for theirs. Her clients don’t win awards for their work, she wins them for the work she does, apparently. To me, that defeats the entire purpose of hiring a publicist.

Hopefully now I can move on with my life without having to hear or read some lying, hypocritical, scandalous bullshit coming out of her mouth. I mean, how can someone lie their way out of the truth when it’s right there for everyone to see. Im assuming she’ll try though, she is that fucking sick in the head and that’s her choice. I have no problem obtaining a restraining order if I have to, it’s cheaper then suing her, but after this I don’t have anything else to say. =)

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11 years ago

If it is in writing it is Libel. If it is orally transmitted it’s Slander. This is a difference I would think all journalists and those that work with the media, like publicists, would know.

Alia Janine
11 years ago

It’s only slander and/or libel if its UNTRUE. If it’s true, which obviously it is, then it’s just a person expressing their horrible experience with a horrible person/business. 😉

Jorge Karlin
Jorge Karlin
11 years ago

And the burden of proof that it IS untrue often lies with the person whom the alleged slander is being committed against.

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